Ad Astra

Summer 1208, Tribunal Part 1

The magae and their entourage arrived at Blackthorn on July 12th, three days ahead of the beginning of the Tribunal. Two sets of tents were already set up in the Welcome Field, with others in the entrance cave of Blackthorn Covenant. The magae noticed Malvinius walking about, very obviously not greeting their group, possibly still upset at his certamen loss to Epona several years ago. The other tents in the Field belonged to the Voluntas Delegation (Julia ex Jerbiton and Kirist ex Flambeau) and Astrolabe ex Jerbiton from Schola Pythagoranis. The three redcaps (Joanna, Perceval, and William) were also in the area, and the magae were introduced to Joanna’s apprentice, Great William. The magae went into the entrance cave to register while the grogs set up the tents.

In the cave, they found the tents of the Burnham delegation (Caitlin Ex Misc and Focus ex Flambeau), and the quaesitors Fredigisa, from Schola Pythagoranis, and Trutina, from Burnham, to whom the gave their names and affiliation and from whom they received Aegis keys, bronze discs with the symbol of Blackthorn Covenant. Afterward, Tangwystl used spells to enlarge and decorate their tents. The tent for the magae became navy blue with constellations mimicking the night sky, and the grogs’ tents also darkened to navy blue, but had the image of crossed swords and a border of stars.

Over the next three days, other magi arrived:
Natan ex Tremere, who met the magae at the Certamen Contest. He set up his tent near the AdAstra tents.
Corvus ex Bjornaer from Voluntas arrived, flying in crow form, and as usual, walked naked up to register with the quaesitors, until someone mentioned that he should be wearing robes. He did not take a tent with the rest of the Voluntas magi, but decided to roost in the surrounding trees.
The Nigrasaxa representatives, Maximianus ex Bonisagus, Herrit ex Tytalus, and Siffed ex Criamon set up tents in the entrance cavern.
Flavius Ex Miscellanea from Ungulus attempted to ingratiate himself with Natan and the AdAstra magae, but took up rooms in the covenant proper along with the quaesitors and redcaps.
Two factors for Verditius magi from other tribunals also set up tents in the Welcome Field, but did little business. Aaazz did look at some of the items.
List of all magi at the Tribunal

The magae approached Julia about the possibility of her helping with a Wizards’ Communion spell after the Tribunal. They also found out that Astrolabe knows a high enough version of the spell to help with curing Everard of his lycanthropy. On the night of the full moon, as the other magi enter the covenant for the opening ceremony, Epona, Aaazz, and Tang remain behind to protect Everard during his transformation. Epona casts the circular ward against wolves inside the smaller grog tent, with Everard inside. Aaazz cast a perdo imaginem to make the tent silent, and Tang cast spells to seal the tent flap and make the tent stronger. When they finally arrive in the Tribunal Hall, they find the Blackthorn contingent (Goliard with her apprentice Prelum, Golias, Malvinius, and Fornax) sitting together at a table, staring at them. No table is available for the AdAstra magae to sit together; Epona sits with the Voluntas contingent, Aaazz with Nigrasaxa, Tang with Natan and Flavius, and Mable with Astrolabe and the Burnham magi. The three redcaps sat at a table near the front of the hall. Talion ex Flambeau, the praeco from Blackthorn and Iudicium ex Guernicus, the ranking quaesitor also from Blackthorn occupy places on a dias with the other quaesitors and a table filled with scrolls.

Talion opened the Tribunal, and one by one, the magi in the hall introduced themselves, while Iudicium checked their credentials. Maximianus slept through most of the proceedings. It was at this point that the magae found out that Goliard still possessed Fornax’ sigil, and Herrit and Siffed each held a proxy sigil from Nigrasaxa. Just before Talion was about to close the ceremony and recess the Tribunal until the morning, Julia moved that Maximianus be named Praeco as he is the eldest of the magi. The quaesitors conferred, and Iudicium recessed the Tribunal until the morning. That night there was plenty of politicking going on among the tents. Tang congratulated Julia on a well-played move, and Goliard came to make sure the AdAstra magae were comfortable and well treated at Blackthorn covenant.

The next morning, Iudicium reconvened the Tribunal and announced that since Talion and Maximianus were gauntleted in the same year, the matter would be put to a vote. Most of the magi kept the same seats as the previous night, but Aaazz moved to sit with Mabel, Epona and Tang moved to sit with Natan and Flavius. When the vote for Praeco finally came up, after some speechifying from Iudicium, standing for Maximianus (who quickly whispered to the other Nigrasaxa magi), were the Voluntas magi, Herrit and Siffed with only their own sigils, William who was voting for Fredigisa, Astrolabe, and the AdAstra magi. With only 11 of 24 votes going for Maximianus, Talion was retained as Praeco. Talion immediately called a recess during which he expected the magi to present items to him for consideration, specifically about the relationship between the Order and the outside community in the tribunal.

When the Tribunal resumed, Talion recognized Astrolabe who identified a problem with the amount of silver the magi were magically creating producing inflation in the mundane economy. There was much debate, and Mabel and Tangwysl both spoke in favor of limiting the amount of silver that a covenant could create. The debate was dominated by Blackthorn, Voluntas, and Burnham who were all against limits, and Astrolabe and the young magi of the tribunal who favored limits. After another recess, during which there was much bargaining, Astrolabe proposed a limit of two pounds of silver per covenant member, gifted or mundane, per year. The measure passed with the AdAstra magae and a few others dissenting.

Talion called an end to the first day’s work.



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