Ad Astra

Autumn 1204

9/21 Equinox council, where the magi decide to invite Mabel into the covenant, and make plans for the season. They instruct the carpenters to build a lab for Mabel near the Oak Circle. Jocelyn the Redcap brings a letter from Lumen ex Jerbiton about Girard. The magae reply asking for a good summa.

9/22 – 9/26 Tangwystl visits the new shrine that the faeries are upset about, and casts a spell to make words appear in Latin on the wall. Roughly translated, the script reads “Remove my image from this place, and take it to the king.” Tang’s excellent casting creates a beautiful flowing script, and causes quite an uproar. The faeries are unconvinced that the shrine will be removed, and keep Cadan hostage.

10/1 – 10/5 Tangwystl visits the Faerie Dance on the night of the new moon, to collect the mushrooms. On the way, she notices that there are priests arguing over the shrine, but no move seems to have been made to move it. Tang makes the image of the Virgin disappear from the shrine for the day to give the clergy something to think about. On the way back from the Faerie Dance, Tang finds that the shrine is being disassembled, and the faeries return Cadan, who is a little confused.

10/17 Epona, Phillipe, Agnes, Adam, Sinead, Louis, and Cecilia (Otter) visit the Regio on the full moon to gather fresh supplies for Lumen’s visit. There is no Ignem vis floating above the
sundial, because a parchment is lying across the face of the dial. It turns out to be a letter from Corinthius. The group also collect enough fruit to start the orchard. (Once planted, Epona casts a CrHe spell on the plants to keep them healthy.)

10/29 – 11/4 Aaazz, Radulfus, Kevin, Gaspard, and Armand travel to Shrewsbury for supplies, and for the feasts of All Saints and All Souls. Radulfus and Kevin stay at the Abbey, while the others stay in town. Aaazz sits vigil on All Hallows’ Eve at the spot where Tom Otter murdered Mary Kirkwood, hoping to see a ghost. Since none appear, she creates a ghost light and wanders through town (invisibly) with the floating flicker.

11/2 – 11/5 Lumen of Jerbiton arrives with her servant Joan, and two grogs, Alfred and Philip. She is very pleased with Girard, who is sorry to leave AdAstra, but eager to begin training as a magus. Lumen leaves a copy of “The Reality Behind the Void” (3 volume Imagonem Summa in Latin, level 10, quality 6, also contains a copy of Sight of the Active Magics in the last volume).

11/18 Jocelyn of Mercere arrives with a letter for Tangwystl from her parens, with some newsy notes, and an alert that a grog ran away from Burnham covenant, possibly toward Wales; Scintilla
of Flambeau is beside herself with anger. Tang replies that they have seen a soldier with a magical cloak in the area.

11/22 Dai ap Arthen arrives with a message the Hywel ap Alun, of Llywelyn’s Council will be arriving with his family and retainers for the Christmas holidays. There is some scrambling to
disguise Cadan once again for the meeting with Dai.

12/14 Epona and Phillipe and their grogs once again go to the Regio to gather supplies for the upcoming visit.

12/20 The Library is emptied so Tangwystl can cast Spurn the Spark (using raw vis to make it permanent) on the room, then refilled for the council meeting tomorrow.



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