Ad Astra

Autumn 1206

9/29 Tang, Cadan, and Michael go to the Faerie Dance, and Tang and Cadan return on 10/4, leaving Michael behind.
10/12 Perceval and Jocelyn arrive. Send a letter to Lumen ex Jerbiton regarding Selene’s disappearance. Scintilla was killed by Julia ex Jerbiton and Kirist of Flambeau. Sending notice about the Intellego Summa available, and request for Waiting Spell, and trade 4p Mu (for 5p Aq)
On 10/15, Epona casts the Ward against animals, and destroys the sounds in the undercroft. 11/30 the letter from Selene arrives, and the magae retrieved the equipment from Selene’s lab.
12/9 Perceval arrives; send letter requesting someone who knows Wizards’ Communion at level 15+, or who can cast a level 50 PeVi spell. 12/21 Phillipe casts Aegis of the Hearth.



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