Ad Astra

Spring 1205 A New Lord and The Attack

March 9
Cadan and Aeddan, while searching for the covenant’s Welsh grogs, learn that Rhys and Collen both died in the fighting, as did Rhys’ father, Gwydion. His half-brother, Huw, is without family or home, and decides to go with the grogs based on Rhys’ stories and the promise of a “home”.

March 24
Cadan, Aeddan, and Huw rescue Morien, Collen’s son, and his mother Betrys from their manor as it is attacked by Sulien ap Madoc. Morien’s grandfather Daffydd dies defending his land and his grandson’s escape. The group is ambushed by a scouting party from Sulien’s main force, but
escapes with only light wounds. Morien demonstrates his skill with a sword.

March 28
Melangill, Gryffydd’s former wife begs Epona for a spell to make her look like Meriel, so she can spend one more night with her husband. Melangill offers money when Epona seems ready to decline, then offers three finger bones, which apparently contain Perdo vis, although she is
vague about how she came by the artifacts. Epona, unsure of her motives, tells Melangill she needs to research the spell for a day, and consults Mabel, Aaazz, and Phillipe. The magae decide that it would be better not to help Melangill, as the convenant has too much to lose by
alienating Griffydd. When Melangill returns the next day, Epona continues their conversation with her while Mabel casts a spell to determine her motives (revenge and fear). The magae again reject Melangill, who becomes hysterical, and leaves angry.

March 30
Tang returns from her trip to the Faerie Dance. She had a little trouble traveling invisibly, but was successful in gathering the vis from the mushroom ring the next morning.

March 31 – April 2
Cadan, Aeddan, Huw, Morien, and Betrys return to AdAstra. Betrys and Morien have dinner with Mabel, Epona, Aaazz, and Tangwystl, and reveals a letter stating the Collen (and thus Morien) is Corinthius’ heir. The Magae agree to vacate the library, as Betrys insists that the room
should be the quarters for the “family”. The contents of the library are successfully moved to one of the guest houses, where the windows are shuttered and the door locked. Betrys and Morien move into the room above the kitchens.

April 10
Aaazz, Mabel, Gaspard, Adam, Agnes, and Armand go to the regio on the night of the full moon to gather the fruits and herbs and ignem vis. Aaazz botches the spell to gather the vis, and gains a twilight point. Aaazz and Tang spy on Betrys and Morien, using Aaazz’s spell
Transpicuous Ring and Tang’s apparent knack for magically overhearing conversations. Betrys is thinking about inviting Griffydd for a dinner, and Morien is wishing he could spend more time with the men-at-arms, rather than in the upper room. Betrys seems fairly overprotective of their new position.

April 28
Epona and Mabel leave to visit Griffydd to renegotiate the lease on the stone circle.

April 30 – May 1
Eleri brings news of scouts in the village. Aeddan and Kevin track the scouts back to their camp, and discover a force of over two dozen foot and half a dozen mounted men about two miles from the covenant. A young man of about 17 appears to be giving orders, and there is some
restiveness about the fact that the manor was not where it was supposed to be.

Jocelin reports to the magae what his scouts have seen, and the magae go to Betrys and Morien. Betrys is pretty much useless, but Morien steps up to his responsibilities and decides to confront Rydderch in the morning. Tang casts a version of Aura of the Ennobled Presence on
Morien, who rides out with Aeddan, Cynlais, and Huw. Aaazz, Tangwystl, and Phillipe follow with their shield grogs, despite Morien’s wishes.

Rydderch’s army parts to allow Morien and his cohort through, but the young man makes some mistakes in talking to Rydderch and his son Lewys. Rydderch is not impressed with Morien’s credentials as heir to the manor.

While the conversation continues, Tangwystl (who hung back with the other magi) is noticed by some of Rydderch’s force. Lewys goes to investigate, and orders some men to bring Tang and Cadan forward. Tang responds with a spell to make a campfire flare large, blue, and in the
image of Morien. Thinking quickly, Morien again asserts his rights, and orders Rydderch off his land within 36 hours. The invading force is thrown into a bit of a panic by the flaring fire. Tang quickly conjures a flame in her palm, and threatens the men near her.

Morien, the grogs, and the magae are allowed to leave. Phillipe casts a strong wind behind the group to foul any arrows the invaders may think to fire their way, and Tang and Aaazz cast spells to cover the group’s trail back up to the manor.

May 2
Epona and Mable arrive home from Griffydd’s manor, noticing a large group of men packing up a camp.

To be continued…



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