Ad Astra

Spring 1207

Tang sees Michael as a 19 year old young man at the Faerie Dance, and lets him stay for another half-year. Epona and Phillipe enter Corinthius’ lab and remove all the lab texts, the pine needle vis, the bust, the stuffed owl, and the book press. The magae arrange to trade 6 pawns of Mu vis for 3 Aq and 2 An with the redcaps. On April 15th, Gwenneth and Armand are married by Fr. John in the village. Tang creates a bigger bed for the newlyweds. Aaazz creates bed linens. The pair move into Tang’s lab.
Phillipe takes 3 Mu, 3 He, 2 Co, 2 Ig, 2 Me pawns of vis and leaves for Durenmar with Louis on April 8 to copy summae on Magic Theory and Rego, and trade for Terram and Aq/Au/An. Epona visits the regio on April 7, and discovers the dusk path. She and Sinead gather as much vis as they can, including the oak leaves. They return to cast the ward for Everard.
Epona returns to the regio with Sinead and Aeddan. On 5/24, the rabbit man appears and asks if the faeries can return the gift. Mabel says yes, and the man hops away. Mabel tells Tang about the new “deal”, but Tang does not take the news well. Mabel decides to visit her godson, Hwyel, the next day.
On 5/25, Eleri warns Aaazz that there is an ogre coming to the village. Aaazz, Gaspard, Radulfus, Cynlais, and Jocelyn go to the village to deal with the ogre. G, C, and J are turned into bunnies, while R goes back to get Tang. Aaazz tries to trap some bunnies, but has no luck. She returns to the covenant. The ogre clothes remain, but the stuffings and the necklace are gone. Aaazz and Tang return to the village to investigate. They find no trace of the transmutation spell. Aaazz returns to the covenant to get Radulfus; Tang gathers up dropped weapons in the ogre shirt. Radulfus and Eleri return to the village with Aaazz. They spontaneously cast an InAn (level 5 for Sight range) and find some bunnies within sight. They create a pen of grass that Tang changes to have the solidity of steel. The magae and Radulfus gather up bunnies into the pen, Tang using The Gentle Beast. Aaazz tries to dispel any spell on the bunny in the pen, but does not succeed. Mabel visits Hwyel, then travels to the stone circle with Kevin. She finds the grass in the area nibbled to the ground, but no other evidence of the ogre and the necklace. Aaazz, Tang, and Radulfus stay in the village, and see several villagers come back naked. Tang asks Eleri to take a census of the villagers the next morning. Everyone has returned by the next morning. Jocelyn tries to describe the feel of being a rabbit. The rabbits start destroying the local field within a couple of days. On the 29th, Tang takes a basket of fruit, bread, and milk to the faeries at the stone circle. Aaazz and Mabel go with, along with their grogs. Despite Jocelyn’s displeasure with all three magae leaving, they go anyway. Tiberion tells Tang to find Roger (the rabbit). On 5/29, Aaazz casts a ward (from a scroll) to protect the local fields. Tang and Aaazz go bunny hunting, and collect a rabbit using The Gentle Beast. Aeddan and Cynlais set snares the next day. Snares are set and broken for two days. The dogs are released, but don’t come back, until the next morning. Aaazz and Tang create giant strawberry plants for the rabbits to feast on instead. On 6/4, Epona returns from the regio and interrogates a rabbit or two. As a lynx, Epona captures Roger, who escapes with the help of a horde of rabbits. Tang manages to get the necklace.



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