Ad Astra

Spring 1208

March 21: Redcaps arrive with: letter of invitation to the summer tribunal meeting; condescending letter from Stentorio ex Tytalus from the Normandy Tribunal in which he appears to be offering his services with a level 25 Wizards’ Communion (the magae reply back cooly). March 23: England placed under interdict. Easter is a sad affair, especially for Radulfus. April 19: Rhian’s son, Cadogan, is born and Gwenneth’s daughter, Isabeau, is born. Mabel is kept busy assisting at the births, as Epona and Aaazz (with grogs and servants) visit the regio to gather produce and the oak leaves. They also visit on May 18th. Tangwystl leaves with Cadan on 3/31 for the Faerie Dance. There, she sees Michael who is now well advanced in age; he asks to remain with the faeries, and Tang agrees.



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