Ad Astra

Spring-Autumn 1209

Spring: Cymbaline leaves AdAstra and travels to Ungulus, Flavius has an open invitation to magi wanting to join a covenant. Tang magically preserves honey cakes (CrHe5) to take to the Faerie Dance. The preservation spell is wildly successful and the cakes are the hit of the party. When she sees Michael, he appears to be once again 8 yrs old, and wants to stay longer, but Appolitanus suggests he has attended the faeries long enough. Epona and Aaazz send letters via Perceval the Redcap to let the Tribunal know that they are in search of apprentices. Aaazz sends a letter to Cymbaline; it’s kind of comprehensible. Tangwystl brings Michael back to the covenant to resume his Latin studies. Phillipe returns from Durenmar with four books. Aaazz tries to talk to Corinthius; she first casts Vision of the Haunting Spirit in order to find him in the orchard. Using a ReMe spell to try to break into his reverie, Aaazz is unable to get Corinthius’ attention. Mabel spends the season teaching Greek to students at Schola Pythagoranis.

Summer: Morien announces that he will be marrying in two years, to Aeronwy, the only child of a neighboring family. Meriel is pregnant again, and the magi decide to pay attention to who is in Martyn Pool village, and find the population growing a bit!

Autumn: Aaazz makes quick trips to the regio to collect fruit, herbs, and Ig Vis. The last two seasons have been fairly quiet, and the magi enjoy some uninterrupted lab work.



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