Ad Astra

Summer 1204 A Wedding and Royal Visit

The magi sent their wedding present for Llewelen (the silver dragon ornament) to Shrewsbury with Jocelyn and Cadan. They found out that a wooden stake (and a blood stain, ghost, etc, depending on the rumor) appeared at the spot where Tom Otter had killed Mary Kirkham on the first anniversary of the murder. Again, rumor varied, but the stake was apparently taken to the Abbey, by a local merchant, disappeared, to a local church, etc. The grogs themselves found no
evidence at the site. They had no trouble delivering the present to the Abbey.

Within a couple of weeks, a messenger showed up in the village announcing that Llewelen himself would be visiting Ieuan’s manor to personally greet and thank him for his loyalty and the present.

Agnes decided that it was time for another visit to the garden level of the regio to gather supplies for the royal visit. The magi had no choice but to go. Aaazz, Epona, Agnes, Adam, Gaspard, Sinead, and Armand made the trip on 8/20. Epona botched a spell to dry herself off, and almost drowned from the water she accidentally created in her own lungs. Aaazz quickly cast a very effective dispelling, saving Epona.

The group found they were too late to gather ther morning glories that grow in summer on the island, but entered the garden level that night and gathered the Ignem vis from over the sundial along with apples, walnuts, and lots of herbs from the garden. Not wanting to miss the festivities, they returned the next day, after only an hour in the garden.

Meanwhile, in an effort to hide the fact that Corinthius is missing, Tangwystl gave Cadan the disguising cloak and coached him on becoming the “lord of the manor” in anticipation of Llewelen’s visit.

Llewelen arrived a few days later with about a dozen retainers. Epona and Mabel were the only magi present during the visit, but the others watched the dinner through the windows in the Library. Cadan’s ruse worked well (although a couple retainers looked suspicious), and entertained the Welsh King. The group went hunting, and visited the shepherds so Llewelen could see the marvelous dog who saved his master. Elwyn and Emrys promised to give the king the pick
of the litter that Gelhert next sired.

The visit ended without serious incident.



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