Ad Astra

Summer 1204 Bandits!

Shortly after Fredigisa Quaesitor left the covenant, Emrys ap Madoc returned to the village from his flocks in the hills hysterical over the death of his brother at the hands of bandits. Everard, Cadan, Jocelyn, and Radulfus go back with Emrys to recover the body, and find that Elwyn had only been seriously wounded. He was helped to a small cave with a pool by his dog Gelhert, where he was miraculously healed. The grogs also discovered the bandit’s camp, and after a brief parlay retreated.

The four grogs returned the next day with Kevin and Gaspard to drive off the bandits. After they killed one bandit and wounded most of the others, several of the bandits laid down their weapons. Their leader, Melwyn disappeared into thin air! The grogs brought three prisoners, Aeddan, Bryn, and Cynlais (who almost died from his wounds) back to the covenant, and locked them in one of the guest houses.

Jocelyn asked Tangwystl and Philippe to have a “talk” with the bandits, as he figured they could use some extra hands around the covenant, but wanted to make sure the trio knew who they were dealing with. Philippe blew open the door with Charge of the Angry Winds and Tang entered invisibly, appearing to the bandits apparently out of the wind storm. Philippe followed on foot. Tang outlined the options for justice (since they had stolen a sheep and wounded Elwyn (after deserting Llewelen’s army). Philippe impulsively added pizzazz to the conversation when Bryn did not seem impressed enough by making a small flame dance around his hand. Now that the former
bandits were suitably impressed (Aeddan and Cynlais too wounded to really disagree), Tang had no trouble convincing them to serve for a year and a day at the covenant.

Within a week, Bryn was well enough to help the carpenter’s on the Otter house.



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