Ad Astra

Summer 1206

Jocelyn, Radulfus, Everard, Katherine, Tommy, and Abigail go to the fair.
7/21: Mabel et al. investigate the scalped woman’s body at St. Eata’s.
Mabel asks Gryffydd about renting more space around the stone cricle. 8/18: Tang goes to the regio with Cadan, Adam, Gwyneth, and Aeddan. Everard disappears during the night, and returns mysteriously wounded in the morning. Adam and Rhian’s wedding is on 9/1. Epona and Mabel attend.

Jocelyn is checking at the fair for a few precious stones: red coral, bloodstone (2), aquamarine, agate, sapphire(2). Aelfric was able to get the aquamarine and agate, and will contact J when the others are available. Mabel can find out little about the body on 7/21, so sends Kevin back to get Aaazz, who will arrive shortly after dusk with Gaspard, Adam, and Cynlais. Epona and Sinead come with as well. Aaazz questions the body. On 8/18, Everard is wounded by the werewolf, and Epona tracks the wolf into the pastures. She finds that the wolf attacked a sheep, then the scent disappeared to be replaced with a human scent which also disappeared. On 9/16, the magi ward Everard into the cell in the undercroft. On the night of the 16th, Selene in werewolf form kills Ulrich, also in werewolf form. Selene escapes. The magae talk to Ulrich using Whispers beyond the gate and find out what was going on. Aaazz buries Ulrich outside the infirmary. The magae cast a ward around the guest houses to alert them if anyone goes in or out. (The air inside the houses was turned pink by Tang, and then warded by Phillipe. Everard watches the houses for the day.



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