Ad Astra

Summer 1208 Tribunal Part 2

The next morning, Herrit ex Tytalus from Nigrasaxa brings up a pogrom in Berkshire, eaither carried out or condoned by Sheriff Richard fitz Regis. Herrit claims that this action against the Jews by mundanes has limited his capacity for magic, as several of Nigrasaxa’s servants and grogs were Jews from that area. Tang asks if the order did anything in 1190 for the Jews in Lincoln. Fredigisa Quaesitor researches the precedent, finding that there had been some sort of magical interference at Lincoln, but it was unclear whether magic was the cause, either direct or indirect, or the end of the massacre. Rumors about the event seem to crop up most often about the Jews being blamed for some magical activity, which brought on the pogrom. There is some debate about whether the tribunal should expend resources on the events at Berksire. Natan speaks out loudly in favor of intervention, others seem to imply that Herrit himself may have had something to do with this. Natan proposes an investigation of the events at Berkshire, which passes after more debate. Trutina, Focus, Aaazz, and Natan volunteer to investigate. After more debate it is decided that they will meet five days after the next full moon at Nigrasaxa, and be paid three pawns of vis for their work.

After lunch, Flavius brings up the interdict and how to take advantage of the weaker dominion. There is some debate about what could be done, whether this is even a topic to discuss at this point in the tribunal, and who in Tribunal might be responsible for John’s barring of Stephen Langton from England in the first place. Rumors and accusations begin to fly, with Julia ex Jerbiton of Voluntas becoming quite agitated when it is suggestes that she might have had something to do with this. Talion becomes irritated with the debate, states, possibly too emphatically, that the Order had nothing to do with the interdict, and declares the discussion over until later in the tribunal during business among the Order.

Herrit appears to get a signal from Golias ex Tytalus of Blackthorn, and accuses AdAstra of interfering with the mundanes. He stated that they, in direct violation of the Code, are acting as Court Wizards to Morien, defending him against his enemies, to the point of intimidating and injuring mundane soldiers in a political skirmish. He further states that emissaries from Llewellyn and John have approached Nigrasaxa and Blackthorne requesting aid from those covenants, in a manner similar to the aid AdAstra provided for Rydderch. The accusations enrage the AdAstra magae, who defend themselves vigorously. Tangwystl appears to insult the investigation that Trutina ex Guernicus carried out, and Iudicium chastises her for it. The Burnham magi appear to support their sodalis, against AdAstra, along with the Blackthorne magi. The accused’s only allies seem to be the magi from Schola Pythagoranis and Voluntas. Talion is unable to call for a vote, and as the hour gets late, he calls a recess until the morning, at which time he will demand a vote. That evening, Julia lays out some scenarios for the AdAstra magae. She thinks she can convince Siffed ex Criamon to vote in favor of AdAstra, but Maximianus is likely to abstain, as he has in every vote up to this point. She figures this is a trumped up charge from Blackthorne, aimed at weakening the Schola Pythagoranis/Voluntas voting block, as AdAstra seems to support them. She is wary of what Flavius ex Misc from Ungulus will do, as he remained quiet during the debate, and may have motives on both sides. If AdAstra loses, the magae would be welcome to join Ungulus, rekindling life in that winter covenant. If AdAstra wins with Flavius’ vote, he may expect some favors in the future from the magae. Julia suggests that AdAstra talk to Flavius tonight. Mabel and Tang decide to go, taking honey cakes and fruit, and are admitted to the older magus’ ostentatious tent in the cave area. Flavius is overly gracious to the magae, and discusses the possibilities of an agreement with them. Mabel becomes tongue-tied during the negotiations, and although they secure Flavius’ vote, they agree to host Flavius as a guest at AdAstra, and to have one of them spend the Winter at Ungulus as Flavius’ lab assistant. Tang decides she will take on this task as service to the covenant, and tries hide the fact that her skin is crawling with disgust.



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