Ad Astra

Summer 1208 Tribunal Part 3

As the meeting starts the next day, Julia tells the AdAstra magae that she has convinced Siffed to vote with both of his sigils, but was unable to convince Maximianus. With Siffed and Flavius on their side, the vote to censure AdAstra ends in a tie, so Talion, as Praeco decides to break the tie, obviously against AdAstra. Maximianus stands, and tells him not to bother, as he votes in favor of AdAstra as well. The AdAstra magae sigh with relief as they are saved from any immediate consequences.

Talion callse for any additional business, and when there is none, closes the tribunal. Mabel, as the youngest maga present stands and asks for the reopening, as Stonehenge tradition demands. Iudicium calls for the magi to stand, dispensing with any additional roll call, and Talion opens the second part of the meeting. Focus asks for recompense from the magi who marched his parens, Scintilla, expecting to claim filius rights for the effects of a deceased maga. Iudicium points out that the spoils from a marched wizard go to those who put her down, so a vote is not called, and Focus is defeated. Talion reprimands Focus for not being part of the group that hunted the rogue maga, and spreads his ire over several of the magi present, including the AdAstra magae.

Caitlin asks for help against Horsingas covenant from the Loch Leglean, which has been raiding Burnham’s vis sources. There is much debate over whether or not the Tribunal should get involved at all, but the fact that this is the first quorate Tribunal meeting since 1187, and Stonehenge does not want to appear as weak, the debate seems to lean in favor of action. The day ends with not firm decisions. That sight, AdAstra takes fruit baskets to Siffed and Maximianus. Mabel talks to Astrolabe about casting Wizard’s Communion. He pushes her to tell him what the problem is that they need help with. As her parens, Astrolabe is quite effective at sniffing out Mabel’s secrets, which she ultimately divulges. He volunteers to cast the actual ritual at the next full moon, if Mabel will come and teach Greek at Cambridge for a season.

The next day, after more discussion, it is decided that Talion and Iudicium will draft a letter to Horsingas Covenant demanding and end to the vis raids, and a return of the vis that was stolen. It is further decided that if Horsingas does not comply with the demands, that Stonehenge Tribunal will declare Wizards War on Horsingas. There is more discussion about how the Stonehenge Covenants will support this endeavor, and it is decided that each covenant should supply one magus, eight grogs, or 12 pawns of vis to the War, should that become necessary, with Burnham supplying at least all three. Burnham will supply magi, grogs, and vis. AdAstra will send Epona and vis. Blackthorn and Ungulus pledge vis and grogs. Nigrasaxa will send a magus and vis. Schola Pythagoranis and Voluntas will each send a magus and grogs. Letters will be sent to CadGadu and Semitae regarding their pledges as well.

With the business part of the meeting seeming to wind down, the late afternoon and evening session of the meeting takes on a festive air, with Blackthorn hosting a banquet for the visiting magi. Traditionally, the banquet includes plenty of trading and contracts between individual magi and between covenants, and this event is no exception. Epona announces her need for an apprentice. AdAstra makes the following trades: three pawns Mu for three In vis with Schola Pythagoranis; a copy of Walking with Aesculapius for 2 pawns of Pe vis with Siffed of Nigrasaxa (partly in gratitude for his support in the vote); 2 pawns Me vis to Natan for 2 pawns Te vis; copies of the spells Vision of the Haunted Spirit, Lay to Rest the Haunted Spirit, and Ring of Warding against Spirits to Siffed for a Penetration Summa, The Sharper Stick (level 3, quality 8) and three pawns of Vi vis. Kirist is looking for an apprentice. Aaazz is looking for an apprentice. Tang trades with Burnham a pawn of Cr vis for a sapphire.



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