Ad Astra

Winter 1204-05 The Messenger

With Hwyel and family safely away at Griffith’s manor, the magae decide to not worry about Dai the spy, and settle back into routines. Of course, the activities are anything but routine for Dai.

First, a trip to the regio across the frozen pond ends with Aaazz magicking the boat to travel across the ice, effectively racing Tangwystl who thought it fun just to walk across the water. A really good spontaneous ReHe allowed Aaazz to continue guiding the boat right up the banks, across the field (at which point Tang decided the boat was more interesting than walking, and climbed in), and right up the hill to the manor house. (While in the regio, Mabel translated
the inscription on the sundial, piquing everyone’s interest about further regio levels. The group decided not to stay and explore, however, as the time difference would have taken too much time away from studies this season.)

More routines included Epona playing “catch the mousy” in the snow while in lynx form, and Tangwystl re-casting the ceiling illusion in the great hall. Phillipe seemed able to keep a low profile for a change while he worked on the magic bird-repelling necklace.

Rhian showed up one Sunday a couple of weeks later, claiming to have a message for Dai. She apparently snuck away while Griffith and his family were at mass. The news is that Meriel is now betrothed to Dewi, Griffith’s nephew and heir, and Merial, Rhian, and a servant have stayed on at the manor while the rest of the family returned home. Dai was not pleased with this news, but Rhian was able to settle him down, and delivered a message to from Meriel to him.
Sinead and Everard returned Rhian to Griffith’s manor later that evening.

The visit concerned the magae on several counts. First, Rhian was able to find the manor, even though it was still cloaked in illusion when she arrived. (She claimed to have been able to see it.) She also seemed to have no trouble eluding Griffith’s family on her way out. The magae also discussed the possibility of becoming involved in the love triangle between Meriel, Dai, and Dewi, but again decided that leaving well enough alone was a good option.

Rhian continued to visit every Sunday, and started staying over until Monday morning. Apparently, Griffith decided that acknowledging and giving permission for the visits was a better course than trying to stop them and failing. Dai certainly appreciated the messages from

Perceval the Redcap’s visit this season brought news of nasty cold and snowy weather across the Tribunal, the Thames freezing over, ghosts in Shrewsbury, and Scintilla of Flambeau stalking around the Lake District looking for her escaped grog. The magae send requests to Voluntas, Schola Pythagoranis, and Semitae for permission to come and copy a Summa.

Rhain’s did not visit one Sunday in late February, and Dai was beside himself with worry. Jocelyn kept him busy, and followed him later in the week on the night of the new moon. Dai had a secret meeting with Trefor (another of Hwyel’s guards). The spy was confirmed, but hopefully passed along only the strange doings of the magae, instead of the possibility of an English plot.

The magae dispatched Cadan and Everard to search out the Welsh grogs, and alert them to the difficulties facing the covenant; everyone is a little worried that the raid by Rydderch, revealed by Hwyel, wouldtake place in early Spring.

Rhian’s visits began again the following Sunday. She told Mabel that Griffith was cancelling the marriage to Dewi, and taking Meriel as his own wife, setting aside Mellyngill, who has not produced an heir herself. Rhian refuse to tell Dai on this first visit, but did so the next week, at which point Jocelyn and Everard had to ply him with mead and commiseration to prevent him from blundering off to “rescue” Meriel.

Further visits from Rhian revealed that she was coming more to spend time with Adam than to deliver messages to Dai, and that not only would the wedding take place late in the winter, but that Meriel was pregnant, and Mellyngill had left the manor.



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