Ad Astra

Winter 1208: Wizards War Anyway

Tang visits Flavius and helps him create the penseive wand. When the redcaps arrive on Jan 8, they bring a letter from Phillipe and payment from Fredigisa of 4 pawns of An vis as payment for harboring Cymbaline. Aaazz goes to the regio to collect the ignem vis and fruit, nuts, and herbs, and the Pe icicles.

On February 3, a declaration of Wizards War is brought to Cymbaline from Marcus ex Tytalus. Aaazz, Epona, and Mabel decide to take Cymbaline to the regio for a day to hide from Marcus. Aaazz, Gaspard, Adam, and Annie escort Cymbaline. They keep her blindfolded until they get to the garden. Aaazz gets the Ig vis from the sundial, and has the boys collect the cottonwood seeds and the mushrooms, along with the herbs and fruit. Cymbaline is confused about how staying one night in the garden will protect her from Marcus.

During the month that passes while Aaazz and Cymbaline are in the regio, . Marcus attacks the guest house in which Cymbaline had been staying with fire. Epona retaliates with Lungs of Water and Death, killing one of Marcus’ grogs and incapacitating another. She attempts to get Marcus, who is protected by his Parma. Natan and Mabel help control and quench the fire. Mabel spots another grog, and points him out to Epona, who casts Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years on his sword. Realizing that he has no mundane support in a hostile Aegis, and that he has missed Cymbaline, Marcus flees. The AdAstra grogs capture Marcus’ two surviving grogs and put them in the cell in the undercroft. The fire burns out the next day. The two grogs are given over to Morien to face mundane justice. Morien decides to hang the culprits. Meanwhile, Flavius offers Tang the use of Ungulus library for the next season, but she politely declines and leaves on March 21, promising to write to Flavius. Cymbaline decides to leave AdAstra, figuring that since Marcus was unsuccessful in his pursuit of Wizards War that she was probably safe from the Tytalus of Horsingas.



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