Ad Astra

Winter 1209: Wolves!

Jan 20: Jocelyn hears about a wolf problem in the area, and tells Mabel about it. Mabel lets the rest of the covenant know. Epona decides to solve the problem by “marking the territory”. After a week, there is still a problem: three sheep are killed. Rhodri and Dylan from Martyn Pool were close to being mauled. The magae wonder why the wolves are being so bold this year. The magae think about casting a Circle of Beast Warding as a short term solution.

Tang, Aaazz, and Epona decide to take a turn watching the sheep with Cadan, Gaspard, and Sinead, and Cynlais and Kevin. The cast Circle of Beast Warding from a scroll, after joining in Wizard’s Communion, with Natan, who leaves after the spell is complete. The spells are successful. The magi cast Eyes of the Cat on themselves and the grogs. But no wolves come that night. Jocelyn suggests hunting for them. The hunt the next day consists of Jocelyn, Cynlais, Aeddan, Kevin and Epona. Tang and Cadan and Aaazz and Gaspard decide to go as well, much to the chagrin of Jocelyn, as Tang seems to view this as a lark and Aaazz thinks it would be amusing to see what Tang does. Tangwystl and Aaazz spont CrIg spells to keep themselves and the grogs warm. Epona decides to travel as a lynx, which kind of freaks the dogs out, but everyone gets along. Cynlais finds the trail with the dogs, and everyone heads outs. Tang thinks it’s a party, as Jocelyn feared. They follow the trail for a day, and find no wolves. At sunset, the magae recast warmth spells, and the grogs build a fire, as it starts snowing. They also cast Cloak of Duck Feathers and Eyes of the Cat. The group is unmolested that night. Cynlais and the dogs pick up the trail the next morning, while the warm and dry spells are renewed. Late in the afternoon, the hounds find some wolves. Cynlais and Cadan drop two wolves with their long bows. Epona casts Weavers Trap of Webs and immobilizes four of the wolves as well as some of the hounds. Aaazz casts Hands of Grasping Earth and catches the last wolf. The long bowmen drop all but one of the trapped wolves; the last one escapes from the webs and tries to run away. Tang casts a spontaneous version of Hornet Fire to chase the wolf. Aaazz recasts the Grasping Earth successfully trapping the wolf, and Cadan drops it with an arrow. Jocelyn has the grogs cut out the hounds. Aaazz casts a really good InVi to check for magic. She believes the wolves are under some sort of spell. Cynlais does not believe that they have found the den.

Aeddan and Cynlais find the trail of the wolves, and the hunt is on again. Aaazz maintains concentration on the InVi spell as they continue. Aeddan and Cadan spot an unnatural looking hillock off to the side. This turns out to be a sod house, but with a mangled corpse laying near the door. Aaazz casts Whispers through the Black Gate, and the corpse tells them that he was attacked by wolves, and wants to make sure that his children Nia and Trefor, are well. There is some whispering among the grogs when they hear the corpse speak. Epona goes to the house to check for the kids, but the door seems stuck. Tang covers the smell of the body with a MuIm spell, while Jocelyn covers the body. Epona calls out the names of the children, and hears scrabbling from inside. Tang sponts a MuHe to warp the door and succeeds wildly with the door falling open, causing someone inside to scream. Epona enters, talking nicely to the children. Cadan enters as well, and talks to them. They discover two children, aged seven or eight. Jocelyn and Cadan soothe and feed the children, while Epona sponts a really good ReTe to dig a grave for the children’s father. She and the grogs bury the body and refill the hole. Epona and Kevin stay at the house with the children, while everyone else continues the hunt.

_The hunting party find the den in a thicket later that night. Tang casts Hornet Fire into the den while the grogs ready their bows. Aaazz casts a Wall of Thorns to catch the wolves, but botched the aim, and divided the hunting party in two. Cadan and Cylais drop two wolves, while Aaazz catches one in Grasping Earth, and Tang catches some in an Entwining Vines spell. All the wolves are trapped and dispatched. Tang sponts a MuHe very well to turn the thicket into garden of flowers. Aeddan, Cynlais, and Aaazz and Tang crawl into the den. Gaspard finds five sticks tied together with sheep’s wool. The magae take it with them.

The party reunites at the sod house to spend the night. In the morning, Tang makes six of the wolves weightless for the trip back to the covenant, but the seventh gets really heavy and left behind. Epona thinks she may have found a possible apprentice in the 7-year-old Trefor.



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