Phillipe ex Bonisagus


Gender: Male
Born: 1175
Sigil: laughter

Int: 4 Per: 4
Str: 0 Stm: 1
Pre: -1 Com: -1
Dex: 0 Qik: 0

Conf: 4 Current: 4
Size: 0 Decrep: 0
Soak: 1 Fatigue: 1

impulsive +2
Strong Writer, level 3, within OoH

Virtues and Flaws: Hermetic Prestige; Strong Writer (bonuses to writing and copying); Silent Magic; Inventive Genius (3 bonus to original lab work); Knack with Rego (1); Rigid Magic (no vis casting); Stingy Master; Twilight Points; Fear of Water; Magic Addiction; Blantant Gift


Ability Score Exp Speciality
Magic Theory 8 0 inventing spells
Order of Hermes Lore 3 0 politics
Parma Magica 2 0 Aq
Scribe Latin 4 4 copying
Speak Latin 5 0 technical vocabulary
Speak French 4 0 dialects
Concentration 5 0 reading
Penetration 2 1 Mu
Athletics 1 0 running
Welsh Lore 1 1 politics
Survival 1 1 finding shelter

Cr 7, In 3, Mu 6, Pe 3, Re 10+1 (2)
An 4, Aq 3, Au 7, Co 5, He 4 (2), Ig 5, Im 4, Me 5, Te 2, Vi 7

Twilight: 2
+2 Blatant Gift

Important Totals:
Targeting: +4
Concentration: +9
Fast Cast Speed: 0
Certamen: 4 + TeFo
Basic Lab Total: 12 + 3 + TeFo
Maximum Vis per Season: 13


Seasonal Activities
Louis is Phillipe’s brother and shield grog

While on a trip to Durenmar in the Spring of 1207, Phillipe encountered an ogre in the Black Forest. Phillipe managed to fast cast Wizards Sidestep to avoid the ogre, while Louis, Phillipe’s shield grog, attacked the beast. Phillipe attempted to lift the ogre into the air with a spontaneous Lift the Dangling Puppet, but the creature shrugged off the spell, and continued to attack Louis, who took a light wound. Louis wounded the ogre himself. Phillipe then attempted to control a nearby tree, causing its branches to strike the ogre. The spell succeeded beyond Phillipe’s original plan, and the ogre found himself battling both the tree and Louis. After several serious blows to the head, the ogre was vanquished, and Phillipe found four pawns of Corpus vis, which he gathered into the ogre’s hand.

Phillipe ex Bonisagus

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