Ad Astra

Spring 1208

March 21: Redcaps arrive with: letter of invitation to the summer tribunal meeting; condescending letter from Stentorio ex Tytalus from the Normandy Tribunal in which he appears to be offering his services with a level 25 Wizards’ Communion (the magae reply back cooly). March 23: England placed under interdict. Easter is a sad affair, especially for Radulfus. April 19: Rhian’s son, Cadogan, is born and Gwenneth’s daughter, Isabeau, is born. Mabel is kept busy assisting at the births, as Epona and Aaazz (with grogs and servants) visit the regio to gather produce and the oak leaves. They also visit on May 18th. Tangwystl leaves with Cadan on 3/31 for the Faerie Dance. There, she sees Michael who is now well advanced in age; he asks to remain with the faeries, and Tang agrees.

Autumn 1207

The redcaps bring letters from Phillipe (he is doing well, and fought a troll; Louis took a light wound, but is recovering.) Julia ex Jerbiton also sends a letter in response to their inquiry, letting the magae knows that she can cast Wizards Communion at 20th level.

The magae send another letter to Julia thanking her, and will let her know when they need her help. They also send a letter to Phillipe telling him what happened with the necklace, and asking him to check for another magus who knows WC. Letters are also sent to Crispin Logos and Carolinus Poeta.

Tang and Cadan travel to the Faerie Dance. Michael appears to be 36 years old, and asks to stay for another six months.

Rhian is pregnant, and due in April; as is Gwenneth. Aaazz casts spells to keep the babies healthy (CrCo10). Everard is given a daily cup of St. John’s Wort tea to help aleve his melancholy over being a werewolf.

Sean’s knees get worse, and have an affliction score of 1.

Summer 1207

The necklace warding against creatures of the air is becoming troublesome. It not only keeps birds away, but other helpful creatures as well. The magae debate how to get rid of the item, and worry about upsetting Phillipe, who spent so much time creating it. Options are to destroy the necklace, destroy the enchantment, hide it near Blackthorn covenant, or sink it into the ocean. The magae decide the last option is the best, and decide to buy a lead box at the Abbey fair to carry out the plan.

Jocelyn, Mabel, Kevin, and Radulfus go to the Abbey Fair. Aaazz and Tang are very disappointed that they cannot go, but Jocelyn refuses to help them if they do. He is not happy paying premium prices (at best), and having shops close and the watch called (at worst), when those two go into town. The shopping list for the trip includes several glass jars for Aaazz, 2 agates, a bloodstone and a sapphire, in addition to the lead box. Tang casts Covenant’s Income to cover the fair expensens, and the upcoming rent and covenant expenses. She creates two pounds of silver, and sends one with the group to the fair. Mabel and Jocelyn are able to find the agates, jars, and box, but the other precious stones are not available at the fair.

On the nights of the full moon, Epona casts a circle of warding against beasts (using the book Selene left behind) in the cell in the undercroft, and Tang reinforces the wooden bars to keep Everard confined. Jocelyn and the others try to help him keep his spirits up, as Everard is becoming more and more depressed about his condition.

On July 13, a servant arrives from Gryffudd’s asking for help with an apparently magical room. Mabel, Rhian, Adam, and Kevin go to investigate. The maids discovered the door behind a tapestry in a room they were preparing for Huw. Mabel finds the room contains a table with a jar with a crow’s foot, a jar with dust, and a piece of parchment with writing. She investigates the room, and collects the items. She also copies the symbol off the door, then erases the charcoal marks with a PeHe. She hypothesizes that the room was used by Melangell, who apparently has (had?) some sort of magical ability.

The necklace is sealed in the lead box, and a sliver of lead is taken from the box as an arcane connection, should the magae wish to retrieve it at a later date. Several grogs cast the box into the sea.

On Aug 3, the redcaps arrive with 3 Aq and 2 An vis (in exchange for 6 pawns of Mu).

Annie Otter has apparently kept one of the rabbits that invaded the covenant last season, named him “Mr. Whiskers”, and refuses to part with him.

Spring 1207

Tang sees Michael as a 19 year old young man at the Faerie Dance, and lets him stay for another half-year. Epona and Phillipe enter Corinthius’ lab and remove all the lab texts, the pine needle vis, the bust, the stuffed owl, and the book press. The magae arrange to trade 6 pawns of Mu vis for 3 Aq and 2 An with the redcaps. On April 15th, Gwenneth and Armand are married by Fr. John in the village. Tang creates a bigger bed for the newlyweds. Aaazz creates bed linens. The pair move into Tang’s lab.
Phillipe takes 3 Mu, 3 He, 2 Co, 2 Ig, 2 Me pawns of vis and leaves for Durenmar with Louis on April 8 to copy summae on Magic Theory and Rego, and trade for Terram and Aq/Au/An. Epona visits the regio on April 7, and discovers the dusk path. She and Sinead gather as much vis as they can, including the oak leaves. They return to cast the ward for Everard.
Epona returns to the regio with Sinead and Aeddan. On 5/24, the rabbit man appears and asks if the faeries can return the gift. Mabel says yes, and the man hops away. Mabel tells Tang about the new “deal”, but Tang does not take the news well. Mabel decides to visit her godson, Hwyel, the next day.
On 5/25, Eleri warns Aaazz that there is an ogre coming to the village. Aaazz, Gaspard, Radulfus, Cynlais, and Jocelyn go to the village to deal with the ogre. G, C, and J are turned into bunnies, while R goes back to get Tang. Aaazz tries to trap some bunnies, but has no luck. She returns to the covenant. The ogre clothes remain, but the stuffings and the necklace are gone. Aaazz and Tang return to the village to investigate. They find no trace of the transmutation spell. Aaazz returns to the covenant to get Radulfus; Tang gathers up dropped weapons in the ogre shirt. Radulfus and Eleri return to the village with Aaazz. They spontaneously cast an InAn (level 5 for Sight range) and find some bunnies within sight. They create a pen of grass that Tang changes to have the solidity of steel. The magae and Radulfus gather up bunnies into the pen, Tang using The Gentle Beast. Aaazz tries to dispel any spell on the bunny in the pen, but does not succeed. Mabel visits Hwyel, then travels to the stone circle with Kevin. She finds the grass in the area nibbled to the ground, but no other evidence of the ogre and the necklace. Aaazz, Tang, and Radulfus stay in the village, and see several villagers come back naked. Tang asks Eleri to take a census of the villagers the next morning. Everyone has returned by the next morning. Jocelyn tries to describe the feel of being a rabbit. The rabbits start destroying the local field within a couple of days. On the 29th, Tang takes a basket of fruit, bread, and milk to the faeries at the stone circle. Aaazz and Mabel go with, along with their grogs. Despite Jocelyn’s displeasure with all three magae leaving, they go anyway. Tiberion tells Tang to find Roger (the rabbit). On 5/29, Aaazz casts a ward (from a scroll) to protect the local fields. Tang and Aaazz go bunny hunting, and collect a rabbit using The Gentle Beast. Aeddan and Cynlais set snares the next day. Snares are set and broken for two days. The dogs are released, but don’t come back, until the next morning. Aaazz and Tang create giant strawberry plants for the rabbits to feast on instead. On 6/4, Epona returns from the regio and interrogates a rabbit or two. As a lynx, Epona captures Roger, who escapes with the help of a horde of rabbits. Tang manages to get the necklace.

Winter 1206-07

Everyone works in their labs; Phillipe casts the circle to contain Everard’s wolf form.
Annie Otter starts training as Aaazz’s servant.

Autumn 1206

9/29 Tang, Cadan, and Michael go to the Faerie Dance, and Tang and Cadan return on 10/4, leaving Michael behind.
10/12 Perceval and Jocelyn arrive. Send a letter to Lumen ex Jerbiton regarding Selene’s disappearance. Scintilla was killed by Julia ex Jerbiton and Kirist of Flambeau. Sending notice about the Intellego Summa available, and request for Waiting Spell, and trade 4p Mu (for 5p Aq)
On 10/15, Epona casts the Ward against animals, and destroys the sounds in the undercroft. 11/30 the letter from Selene arrives, and the magae retrieved the equipment from Selene’s lab.
12/9 Perceval arrives; send letter requesting someone who knows Wizards’ Communion at level 15+, or who can cast a level 50 PeVi spell. 12/21 Phillipe casts Aegis of the Hearth.

Summer 1206

Jocelyn, Radulfus, Everard, Katherine, Tommy, and Abigail go to the fair.
7/21: Mabel et al. investigate the scalped woman’s body at St. Eata’s.
Mabel asks Gryffydd about renting more space around the stone cricle. 8/18: Tang goes to the regio with Cadan, Adam, Gwyneth, and Aeddan. Everard disappears during the night, and returns mysteriously wounded in the morning. Adam and Rhian’s wedding is on 9/1. Epona and Mabel attend.

Jocelyn is checking at the fair for a few precious stones: red coral, bloodstone (2), aquamarine, agate, sapphire(2). Aelfric was able to get the aquamarine and agate, and will contact J when the others are available. Mabel can find out little about the body on 7/21, so sends Kevin back to get Aaazz, who will arrive shortly after dusk with Gaspard, Adam, and Cynlais. Epona and Sinead come with as well. Aaazz questions the body. On 8/18, Everard is wounded by the werewolf, and Epona tracks the wolf into the pastures. She finds that the wolf attacked a sheep, then the scent disappeared to be replaced with a human scent which also disappeared. On 9/16, the magi ward Everard into the cell in the undercroft. On the night of the 16th, Selene in werewolf form kills Ulrich, also in werewolf form. Selene escapes. The magae talk to Ulrich using Whispers beyond the gate and find out what was going on. Aaazz buries Ulrich outside the infirmary. The magae cast a ward around the guest houses to alert them if anyone goes in or out. (The air inside the houses was turned pink by Tang, and then warded by Phillipe. Everard watches the houses for the day.

Spring 1206

Epona, Sinead, and Adam visit the regio for an extended time, and discover the vis sources there. Tang and Cadan travel to the Faerie Dance; Appolitanus asks them to bring Michael the next time. After returning to the covenant, Tang takes the ogre to the stone circle, and places it in the copse outside the circle.

Redcaps report the arrival of a reliquary at Atcham. Wizard’s March has been declared on Scintilla ex Flambeau. Letter from Selene arrives requesting lab space during Autumn. We send a letter back extending an invitation to stay in a guest house.
The carpenters come home to build another guest house. Rhian and Adam announce they will be getting married in the Summer.

Spring 1205 Magi Activities

Aaazz — Invent a spell to keep an object cold (PeIg10, touch, mom/perm, ind), hoping to create an item to keep the icicles from the regio frozen.
Epona — Invent a spell to kill the vermin in an area (PeAn10, reach, inst, room).
Mabel — Reading the Greek Summa, planning on tranlating the carvings in the regio.
Phillipe — Learning Ward against creatures of the Air (ReAn(Au)25), getting ready to enchant the necklace for the ogre.
Tangwystl — Inventing Edge of the Razor.

Spring 1205 A New Lord and The Attack

March 9
Cadan and Aeddan, while searching for the covenant’s Welsh grogs, learn that Rhys and Collen both died in the fighting, as did Rhys’ father, Gwydion. His half-brother, Huw, is without family or home, and decides to go with the grogs based on Rhys’ stories and the promise of a “home”.

March 24
Cadan, Aeddan, and Huw rescue Morien, Collen’s son, and his mother Betrys from their manor as it is attacked by Sulien ap Madoc. Morien’s grandfather Daffydd dies defending his land and his grandson’s escape. The group is ambushed by a scouting party from Sulien’s main force, but
escapes with only light wounds. Morien demonstrates his skill with a sword.

March 28
Melangill, Gryffydd’s former wife begs Epona for a spell to make her look like Meriel, so she can spend one more night with her husband. Melangill offers money when Epona seems ready to decline, then offers three finger bones, which apparently contain Perdo vis, although she is
vague about how she came by the artifacts. Epona, unsure of her motives, tells Melangill she needs to research the spell for a day, and consults Mabel, Aaazz, and Phillipe. The magae decide that it would be better not to help Melangill, as the convenant has too much to lose by
alienating Griffydd. When Melangill returns the next day, Epona continues their conversation with her while Mabel casts a spell to determine her motives (revenge and fear). The magae again reject Melangill, who becomes hysterical, and leaves angry.

March 30
Tang returns from her trip to the Faerie Dance. She had a little trouble traveling invisibly, but was successful in gathering the vis from the mushroom ring the next morning.

March 31 – April 2
Cadan, Aeddan, Huw, Morien, and Betrys return to AdAstra. Betrys and Morien have dinner with Mabel, Epona, Aaazz, and Tangwystl, and reveals a letter stating the Collen (and thus Morien) is Corinthius’ heir. The Magae agree to vacate the library, as Betrys insists that the room
should be the quarters for the “family”. The contents of the library are successfully moved to one of the guest houses, where the windows are shuttered and the door locked. Betrys and Morien move into the room above the kitchens.

April 10
Aaazz, Mabel, Gaspard, Adam, Agnes, and Armand go to the regio on the night of the full moon to gather the fruits and herbs and ignem vis. Aaazz botches the spell to gather the vis, and gains a twilight point. Aaazz and Tang spy on Betrys and Morien, using Aaazz’s spell
Transpicuous Ring and Tang’s apparent knack for magically overhearing conversations. Betrys is thinking about inviting Griffydd for a dinner, and Morien is wishing he could spend more time with the men-at-arms, rather than in the upper room. Betrys seems fairly overprotective of their new position.

April 28
Epona and Mabel leave to visit Griffydd to renegotiate the lease on the stone circle.

April 30 – May 1
Eleri brings news of scouts in the village. Aeddan and Kevin track the scouts back to their camp, and discover a force of over two dozen foot and half a dozen mounted men about two miles from the covenant. A young man of about 17 appears to be giving orders, and there is some
restiveness about the fact that the manor was not where it was supposed to be.

Jocelin reports to the magae what his scouts have seen, and the magae go to Betrys and Morien. Betrys is pretty much useless, but Morien steps up to his responsibilities and decides to confront Rydderch in the morning. Tang casts a version of Aura of the Ennobled Presence on
Morien, who rides out with Aeddan, Cynlais, and Huw. Aaazz, Tangwystl, and Phillipe follow with their shield grogs, despite Morien’s wishes.

Rydderch’s army parts to allow Morien and his cohort through, but the young man makes some mistakes in talking to Rydderch and his son Lewys. Rydderch is not impressed with Morien’s credentials as heir to the manor.

While the conversation continues, Tangwystl (who hung back with the other magi) is noticed by some of Rydderch’s force. Lewys goes to investigate, and orders some men to bring Tang and Cadan forward. Tang responds with a spell to make a campfire flare large, blue, and in the
image of Morien. Thinking quickly, Morien again asserts his rights, and orders Rydderch off his land within 36 hours. The invading force is thrown into a bit of a panic by the flaring fire. Tang quickly conjures a flame in her palm, and threatens the men near her.

Morien, the grogs, and the magae are allowed to leave. Phillipe casts a strong wind behind the group to foul any arrows the invaders may think to fire their way, and Tang and Aaazz cast spells to cover the group’s trail back up to the manor.

May 2
Epona and Mable arrive home from Griffydd’s manor, noticing a large group of men packing up a camp.

To be continued…


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