Detail of Seasons by SN

Autumn 1202:

The magae go to the regio to retrieve the acorns. They also collect the whirlpool and mandrakes from [[Eleri’s garden]].

Tang and Cadan go to the fairy dance and return with mushrooms with muto vis.

Winter 1202/1203:

The magae cast level 30 Aegis of the Hearth.
Tang learns Lungs of the Fish
Adam and Cadan are sent to retrieve the Ent’s beard, for the vis.

Spring 1203:

Tang is studying perdo vis. Corinthius disappears and a new scroll with the spell “Covenant Income” is found.

Tang and Cadan visit the fairy dance, return with mushrooms of muto vis (4 pawns)

Summer 1203:

Goliard of Tremere, from Blackthorn, visits Ad Astra from June 20 until July 11. She brings with her apprentice, Prelum.

End of July

Aaaazz, Tang, Gaspard, Cadan and Jocelyn leave for the Provençal Tribunal in Normandy where a Certamen Contest is being held. On the way there, they have a run in with the Troll Greldik. They manage to outsmart him and get to the contest without further trouble. Aaazz and Tang cast MuAn spells to enlarge their tents into pavilions. They cast MuIm to make the tents appear as the night sky with stars on the inside. They meet magae from all over Europe and gain the friendship of Natan ex Tremere from the Levant Tribunal, Carolinus Poeta ex Jerbiton from Covenant Partestrada in the Greater Alps Tribunal, Crispin Logos ex Criamon from the Normandy Tribunal and Iocatia Cacchina ex Criamon. They are victorious in that they are able to bring back Imaginem, perdo, Imtellego, Vim and Herbam vis but they are both eliminated from the final rounds of the contest. On the way home, the group has another run in with Greldik and Tang is severely wounded (smushed) in the battle.

August 1

Epona goes to pay the rent to Griffydd ap Gwnfyr, for the Stone Circle and discovers that the fairies have carried off our workmen. She learns that Fr Marcus, a traveling priest visited there and blessed the site, creating a dominion aura distasteful to the fairies. Epona is able to negotiate with the fairies for the return of the craftsmen and agreed to replace the fairies “Guardian” that the magae destroyed. She thinks it is the praying mantis that she injured while going to visit the fairy king but it is actually the ogre that Tang and the grogs killed. Tang realizes this and realizes that the ogre was protecting the fairies from the magical ravens that fly in this area.

Autumn 1203:

September 20 until October 16, Tangwystl is healing from her encounter with the Greldik in Normandy.
October 5, the magae order scales to be made, from a craftsman in Shrewsbury.
October 17 to 24, Tang and Cadan visit the fairy dance. Tang brings back 3 pawns of muto vis in the form of mushrooms.
October 25 to 31, Tang finishes healing from the Troll encounter.
The magae collect 2 pawns of corpus vis from the Mandrakes in [[Eleri’s garden]]. They collect 4 pawns of rego vis from the whirlpool in the pond.
November 2, the magae go to the regio on the full moon and take the path to the garden. They collect apples, cherries and walnuts. They make a copy of the inscription on the sundial and transfer it to parchment. They stay three hours in the regio. When they return it is November 6. They realize one hour in the regio is an entire day in the mundane world.
December 2
The magae send a letter to Schola Pythagoranis asking about anyone there who could translate the language on the sundial. They send a sample of the inscription.

Winter 1203/1204:

The magae cast Aegis of the Hearth level 30.
Tang learns Wizard’s Communion, level 15.

January 2

Glenys, a refugee from the civil war shows up in the village, pregnant. She is helped to give birth to Tegan by Epona who uses a ReCo spell to turn the breech baby.

January 29

Magae, shield grogs, Agnes and Adam go to the regio. The magae collect 2 icicles that have raw vis but are unable to keep them cold and they melt, losing the vis in the process.

January 31
The red caps arrive. The magae receive an answer from Schola Pythagoranis that the writing in the regio is ancient Greek. Cambridge has translators. The magae send a letter to Schola Pythagoranis offering 3 pawns of Herbam vis in exchange for a primer on ancient Greek as well as 3 pawns of muto vis for a book with Wards Against Beasts of Legend or of the Air. We also tell the red caps that we are looking for more magi to join our covenant.

Spring 1204:

Tang makes the huge scarecrow made by the grogs look like the ogre killed on the fairies land. Tang begins creating a level 15 PeIg spell to fireproof the library- it wil take 2 seasons to create.

March 24

Radulfus, Owen the Arm, Adam and Jocelyn go to Shrewsbury for Easter and to pick up the scales ordered by the magae. They meet 10 year old Gerard and come up against a ghost. Owen is wounded, takes 3 days to heal. Adam and Gerard are wounded more severely and will not recover until May 25.
Epona, Aaaz, Sinead, Gaspard and Armand go to the regio.

March 31

Schola Pythagoranis responds to the magae that they have a Summa on Ancient Greek and a spell book with wards that they can deliver in summer, with Fredeguisa Quaesitorus and Mabel of Jerbiton.

April 2

The grogs return from Shrewsbury without Adam.

April 5

Agnes, Epona, Sinead and Radulfus go to Shrewsbury Abbey, where Adam and Gerard are recuperating. Epona returns April 8 with a new grog, Everard as well as the widow, Kathryn Otter and her 5 children to help in the manor.

April 15-19

Tang and Cadan go to the fairy dance. Tang returns with 3 pawns of muto vis, in the form of mushrooms.

May 9

Agnes, Adam and Girard return from Shrewsbury. Adam and Girard continue recuperating in the great hall. Aaaz makes illusory walls for the sick beds.

May 27

The red caps arrive with news. Schola Pythagoranis is looking for possible new apprentices. Llewellyn, king of Wales is to marry King John’s daughter Joan in Shrewsbury in July or August. The fairies to the northeast of here are upset about something. Voluntas is trying to get more covenants allied with them to offset Blackthorn’s power.

Eopna makes 2# of silver by casting Covenant’s Income (CrTe). Tang uses 1/3# and casts MuTe to reshape it into a Welsh dragon as a wedding present for Llewellyn and Joan.

Summer 1204:

Shortly after Fredigisa Quaesitor left the covenant, Emrys ap Madoc returned to the village from his flocks in the hills hysterical over the death of his brother at the hands of bandits. Everard, Cadan,Jocelyn, and Radulfus go back with Emrys to recover the body, and find that Elwyn had only been seriously wounded. He was helped to a small cave with a pool by his dog Gelhert, where he was miraculously healed. The grogs also discovered the bandit’s camp, and after a
brief parlay retreated.

The four grogs returned the next day with Kevin and Gaspard to drive off the bandits. After they killed one bandit and wounded most of the others, several of the bandits laid down their weapons. Their leader, Melwyn disappeared into thin air! The grogs brought three prisoners, Aeddan, Bryn, and Cynlais (who almost died from his wounds) back to the covenant, and locked them in one of the guest houses.

Jocelyn asked Tangwystl and Philippe to have a “talk” with the bandits, as he figured they could use some extra hands around the covenant, but wanted to make sure the trio knew who they were dealing with. Philippe blew open the door with Charge of the Angry Winds and Tang entered invisibly, appearing to the bandits apparently out of the wind storm. Philippe followed on foot. Tang outlined the options for justice (since they had stolen a sheep and wounded Elwyn
(after deserting Llewellyn’s army). Philippe impulsively added pizzazz to the conversation when Bryn did not seem impressed enough by making a small flame dance around his hand. Now that the former bandits were suitably impressed (Aeddan and Cynlais too wounded to really disagree), Tang had no trouble convincing them to serve for a year and a day at the covenant.

Within a week, Bryn was well enough to help the carpenter’s on the Otter house. The magi sent their wedding present for Llewellyn (the silver dragon ornament) to Shrewsbury with Jocelyn and Cadan. They found out that a wooden stake (and a blood stain, ghost, etc, depending on the
rumor) appeared at the spot where Tom Otter had killed Mary Kirkham on the first anniversary of the murder. Again, rumor varied, but the stake was apparently taken to the Abbey, by a local merchant, disappeared, to a local church, etc. The grogs themselves found no evidence at the site. They had no trouble delivering the present to the Abbey.

Within a couple of weeks, a messenger showed up in the village announcing that Llewellyn himself would be visiting Ieuan’s manor to personally greet and thank him for his loyalty and the present.

Agnes decided that it was time for another visit to the garden level of the regio to gather supplies for the royal visit. The magi had no choice but to go. Aaazz, Epona, Agnes, Adam, Gaspard, Sinead, and Armand made the trip on 8/20. Epona botched a spell to dry herself off, and almost drowned from the water she accidentally created in her own lungs. Aaazz quickly cast a very effective dispelling, saving Epona.

The group found they were too late to gather the morning glories that grow in summer on the island, but entered the garden level that night and gathered the Ignem vis from over the sundial along with apples, walnuts, and lots of herbs from the garden. Not wanting to miss the festivities, they returned the next day, after only an hour in the garden.

Meanwhile, in an effort to hide the fact that Corinthius is missing, Tangwystl gave Cadan the disguising cloak and coached him on becoming the “lord of the manor” in anticipation of Llewellyn’s visit.

Llewellyn arrived a few days later with about a dozen retainers. Epona and Mabel were the only magi present during the visit, but the others watched the dinner through the windows in the Library. Cadan’s ruse worked well (although a couple retainers looked suspicious), and entertained the Welsh King. The group went hunting, and visited the shepherds so Llewellyn could see the marvelous dog who saved his master. Elwyn and Emrys promised to give the king the pick
of the litter that Gelhert next sired.

The visit ended without serious incident. Aaazz finished her longevity potion, and looks even more amazing with her new tattoos. Epona learned Wizards Communion. Mabel pretty much hung out and got to know the covenant. Philippe read The Sounds of Colors Tasted. Tangwystl spent most of her time healing from the exploding tent. Corinthius is still missing.

Autumn 1204:

Plans: Aaazz Extract vis from the aura
Corinthius missing
Epona Read Ignem Summa
Mabel Read Greek Summa
Phillipe Learn Ward Against Creatures of the Air, ReAu25
Tangwystl Finish inventing Spurn the Spark, PeIg15

9/21 Equinox council, where the magi decide to invite Mabel into the covenant, and make plans for the season. They instruct the carpenters to build a lab for Mabel near the Oak Circle. Jocelyn the Redcap brings a letter from Lumen ex Jerbiton about Girard. The magae reply, asking for a good summa.

9/22 – 9/26 Tangwystl visits the new shrine that the faeries are upset about, and casts a spell to make words appear in Latin on the wall. Roughly translated, the script reads “Remove my image from this place, and take it to the king.” Tang’s excellent casting creates a beautiful flowing script, and causes quite an uproar. The faeries are unconvinced that the shrine will be removed, and keep Cadan hostage.

10/1 – 10/5 Tangwystl visits the Faerie Dance on the night of the new moon, to collect the mushrooms. On the way, she notices that there are priests arguing over the shrine, but no move seems to have been made to move it. Tang makes the image of the Virgin disappear from the shrine for the day to give the clergy something to think about. On the way back from the Faerie Dance, Tang finds that the shrine is being disassembled, and the faeries return Cadan, who is a
little confused.

10/17 Epona, Phillipe, Agnes, Adam, Sinead, Louis, and Cecilia (Otter) visit the Regio on the full moon to gather fresh supplies for Lumen’s visit. There is no Ignem vis floating above the
sundial, because a parchment is lying across the face of the dial. It turns out to be a letter from Corinthius. The group also collects enough fruit to start the orchard. (Once planted, Epona casts a CrHe spell on the plants to keep them healthy.)

10/29 – 11/4 Aaazz, Radulfus, Kevin, Gaspard, and Armand travel to Shrewsbury for supplies, and for the feasts of All Saints and All Souls. Radulfus and Kevin stay at the Abbey, while the others stay in town. Aaazz sits vigil on All Hallows’ Eve at the spot where Tom Otter murdered Mary Kirkwood, hoping to see a ghost. Since none appear, she creates a ghost light and wanders through town (invisibly) with the floating flicker.

11/2 – 11/5 Lumen of Jerbiton arrives with her servant Joan, and two grogs, Alfred and Philip. She is very pleased with Girard, who is sorry to leave AdAstra, but eager to begin training as a magus. Lumen leaves a copy of “The Reality Behind the Void” (3 volume
Imagonem Summa in Latin, level 10, quality 6, also contains a copy of Sight of the Active Magics in the last volume).

11/18 Jocelyn of Mercere arrives with a letter for Tangwystl from her parens, with some newsy notes, and an alert that a grog ran away from Burnham covenant, possibly toward Wales; Scintilla of Flambeau is beside herself with anger. Tang replies that they have seen a soldier with a magical cloak in the area.

11/22 Dai ap Arthen arrives with a message the Hywel ap Alun, of Llywelyn’s Council will be arriving with his family and retainers for the Christmas holidays. There is some scrambling to
disguise Cadan once again for the meeting with Dai.

12/14 Epona and Phillipe and their grogs once again go to the Regio to gather supplies for the upcoming visit.

12/20 The Library is emptied so Tangwystl can cast Spurn the Spark (using raw vis to make it permanent) on the room, then refilled for the council meeting tomorrow.

Winter 1204/1205:

12/21 Phillipe cast Aegis of the Hearth (level 30), including the village and Martyn Pool within the boundary this time. A small parade including all the magae, most of the covenantfolk, and some of the villagers followed Phillipe, and ended back at the great hall with a small feast. Agnes refused to put on the big to-do since we were having noble guests arriving in a couple of days for the Christmas holidays. Much of the council meeting was taken up by
discussion of how to hide Corinthius’ (Ieuan) disappearance and the magi activities from Hywel ap Alun and company during their visit. The magi worry about what to do with Bryn, our recalcitrant recruit from the bandit gang during the visit. (The other two seem fairly
content, since we nursed them back to health.)

Activities for this season will be: Mabel will set up her newly built lab; Epona will read the Imagonem Summa; Aaazz will read the Ignem Summa; Phillipe will study three pawns of Rego vis; Tangwystl will learn the spell Covenant’s Income.

12/22 The magi hold a “court of inquiry” to determine the best course of action with Bryn. Sitting on chairs (which Tang spelled to appear like thrones), all five magi confront Bryn, and question him about his motives, and what he feels would be the best course of action to ensure his silence during the nobel visit. Mabel and Epona cast Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie and Perception of the Conflicting Motives to aid in the inquiry, led by Tangwystl. It becomes apparent that Bryn is both scared and repulsed by the magi, and that he is completely untrustworthy. The decision is made to hide him in Epona’s sanctum, where her wax pig will (hopefully) cast Curse of Circe on him on a daily basis.

12/23 Hywel ap Alun, his wide Aerona, daughters Meriel, Rhian, and
Nia, son Cadwgan, retainers Trefor, Dai, and Aled, and a gaggle of
servants arrive and fill up the guest house. At dinner that night,
Cadan, disguised as Ieuan, makes a small gaff, but Mabel quickly
covers. The rest of dinner goes on with talk of plans for the
entertainment during the twelve days.

12/25-26 Cadan makes a major blunder, and Hywel, already suspicious,
realizes that he is not really Ieuan. The nobles retire to the guest
houses in indignation. Tang eavesdrops on Hywel and his wife, and
finds out that he believes there is an English plot afoot to encroach
on Welsh lands and is tempted “to let Rhydderch go forth with his
attack in the spring.” The magi decide to come clean (at least part
way), and tell Hywel that they are trying to prevent any English
attempts on the land by pretending the Ieuan is still present. Hywel
agrees to meet some of the “tenants” and the next day talks to Tang,
Mabel, and Epona. By this time, the magi have invited their
neighbor, Griffith ap Gwnfyr, to dinner, and invite Hywel and his
family as well.

12/27 The dinner with the nobles and neighbors goes off as well as
can be expected. It is decided that Hywel will leave behind Dai to
increase the Welsh presence on the estate, but that he and his family
will spend the rest of the holiday at Griffith’s estate. The magi
believe that Dai will also be a spy for Hywel. It also becomes
apparent that while Hywel was planning on arranging a marriage
between his eldest daughter Meriel, and Ieuan, those plans are now
defunct (and would have been complicated by the fact that Meriel may
be secretly in love with Dai).

Spring 1205:
Aaazz — Invent a spell to keep an object cold (PeIg10, touch,
mom/perm, ind), hoping to create an item to keep the icicles from the
regio frozen.
Epona — Invent a spell to kill the vermin in an area (PeAn10, reach,
inst, room).
Mabel — Reading the Greek Summa, planning on translating the carvings
in the regio.
Phillipe — Learning Ward against creatures of the Air (ReAn(Au)25),
getting ready to enchant the necklace for the ogre.
Tangwystl — Inventing Edge of the Razor.

March 9
Cadan and Aeddan, while searching for the covenant’s Welsh grogs, learn
that Rhys and Collen both died in the fighting, as did Rhys’ father,
Gwydion. His half-brother, Huw, is without family or home, and decides
to go with the grogs based on Rhys’ stories and the promise of a “home”.

March 24
Cadan, Aeddan, and Huw rescue Morien, Collen’s son, and his mother
Betrys from their manor as it is attacked by Sulien ap Madoc. Morien’s
grandfather Daffydd dies defending his land and his grandson’s escape.
The group is ambushed by a scouting party from Sulien’s main force, but
escapes with only light wounds. Morien demonstrates his skill with a

March 28
Melangell, Griffydd’s former wife begs Epona for a spell to make her
look like Meriel, so she can spend one more night with her husband.
Melangell offers money when Epona seems ready to decline, then offers
three finger bones, which apparently contain Perdo vis, although she is
vague about how she came by the artifacts. Epona, unsure of her
motives, tells Melangell she needs to research the spell for a day, and
consults Mabel, Aaazz, and Phillipe. The magae decide that it would be
better not to help Melangell, as the covenant has too much to lose by
alienating Griffydd. When Melangell returns the next day, Epona
continues their conversation with her while Mabel casts a spell to
determine her motives (revenge and fear). The magae again reject
Melangell, who becomes hysterical, and leaves angry.

March 30
Tang returns from her trip to the Faerie Dance. She had a little
trouble traveling invisibly, but was successful in gathering the vis
from the mushroom ring the next morning.

March 31 – April 2
Cadan, Aeddan, Huw, Morien, and Betrys return to Ad Astra. Betrys and
Morien have dinner with Mabel, Epona, Aaazz, and Tangwystl, and reveal
a letter stating the Collen (and thus Morien) is Corinthius’ heir. The
Magae agree to vacate the library, as Betrys insists that the room
should be the quarters for the “family”. The contents of the library
are successfully moved to one of the guest houses, where the windows
are shuttered and the door locked. Betrys and Morien move into the
room above the kitchens.

April 10
Aaazz, Mabel, Gaspard, Adam, Agnes, and Armand go to the regio on the
night of the full moon to gather the fruits and herbs and ignem vis.
Aaazz botches the spell to gather the vis, and gains a twilight point.

Aaazz and Tang spy on Betrys and Morien, using Aaazz’s spell
Transpicuous Ring and Tang’s apparent knack for magically overhearing
conversations. Betrys is thinking about inviting Griffydd for a
dinner, and Morien is wishing he could spend more time with the men-at-
arms, rather than in the upper room. Betrys seems fairly
overprotective of their new position.

April 28
Epona and Mabel leave to visit Griffydd to renegotiate the lease on the
stone circle.

April 30 – May 1
Eleri brings news of scouts in the village. Aeddan and Kevin track the
scouts back to their camp, and discover a force of over two dozen foot
and half a dozen mounted men about two miles from the covenant. A
young man of about 17 appears to be giving orders, and there is some
restiveness about the fact that the manor was not where it was supposed
to be.

Jocelyn reports to the magae what his scouts have seen and the magae
go to Betrys and Morien. Betrys is pretty much useless, but Morien
steps up to his responsibilities and decides to confront Rydderch in
the morning. Tang casts a version of Aura of the Ennobled Presence on
Morien, who rides out with Aeddan, Cynlais, and Huw. Aaazz, Tangwystl,
and Phillipe follow with their shield grogs, despite Morien’s wishes.

Rydderch’s army parts to allow Morien and his cohort through, but the
young man makes some mistakes in talking to Rydderch and his son
Lewys. Rydderch is not impressed with Morien’s credentials as heir to
the manor.

While the conversation continues, Tangwystl (who hung back with the
other magi) is noticed by some of Rydderch’s force. Lewys goes to
investigate, and orders some men to bring Tang and Cadan forward. Tang
responds with a spell to make a campfire flare large, blue, and in the
image of Morien. Thinking quickly, Morien again asserts his rights,
and orders Rydderch off his land within 36 hours. The invading force
is thrown into a bit of a panic by the flaring fire. Tang quickly
conjures a flame in her palm, and threatens the men near her.

Morien, the grogs, and the magae are allowed to leave. Phillipe casts
a strong wind behind the group to foul any arrows the invaders may
think to fire their way, and Tang and Aaazz cast spells to cover the
group’s trail back up to the manor.

May 2
Epona and Mabel arrive home from Griffydd’s manor with the new contract for the Stone Circle. They notice a large group of men packing up a camp.

May 3
Aaazz notices the mirror that hides the Covenant has not been turned. She storms off and reprimands Adam for not doing his duties. Adam tells her he can’t turn the mirror any more because of orders from Lord Morien and runs from her anger. Aaaazz turns the mirror and informs the other magae of the situation. Tang, Mabel and Aaazz meet with Lady Betrys and Lord Morien. Some of the roles and duties to be observed by everyone are discussed. Lord Morien insists the Manor should be visible since he is now its Lord in the eyes of Llewellyn. The magae agree to this, pending Lord Ieuan (Corinthius). They put the mirror in the library until Corinthius’ return. Meanwhile, Mabel has chosen Cecilia Otter to be her servant. Cecilia is delighted to learn the “ways of a Lady” from Mabel.
May 13
The Red Caps arrive at Ad Astra. They bring a letter from Voluntas indicating that a magus may visit in the Summer or Fall to copy books from their library. The magae send a response indicating Aaazz will visit in the Summer 1205.
The Red Caps leave. Rhian is visiting regularly and all concerned note that Adam is courting her whenever she is at Ad Astra. Jocelyn approaches Mabel about problems with the “pecking order”. The grogs need to know where their first allegiance lies- Morien or the magae. The magae instruct Jocelyn to tell them if there is ever a conflict and they will discuss it directly with Lord Morien. Jocelyn agrees with this since he feels his loyalties are with the magae who hired him. He also comments that things might run smoother if Lord Morien didn’t keep himself on the second floor of the manor house all the time. A few days later, Lord Morien visits Mabel. He wants help regaining his manor house in Wales. He admits he doesn’t understand the Covenant and he can’t stand being cooped up with his mother all the time. Mabel agrees to talk to the other magae about his mother. She agrees he needs to get out more.
May 20
Magae meet in the library. Tang makes a magical talisman rock, to “protect” Morien.
May 23
The magae have dinner with Lord Morien and Lady Betrys. Tang presents Lord Morien with the magic talisman that will protect him so he can leave the manor house protected. Later she tells Jocelyn that the rock is just a rock with a magic aura; it won’t really protect Lord Morien from anything. It was given so Lady Betrys would be more comfortable with Morien leaving the Manor house. She tells Jocelyn he should inform Lord Morien of this so he doesn’t take undue chances.
May 25- new moon
Epona sees Corinthius’ image in the orchard but she cannot communicate with him. The magae learn that Adam saw Corinthius after the new moon in April. Now Adam says he sees Corinthius always at the orchard, never asleep. He seems to be searching. Lord Morien receives a letter announcing Llewellyn’s arrival at the end of June.
June 9
The magae and Agnes visit the region to get fruit, nuts, and herbs in preparation for Llewellyn’s visit and for the fairies.
Summer 1205:

Aaazz travels to Voluntas with 3 pawns of Muto vis
Epona uses her PeAn10 spell to enchant a broom into being a “killer broom” for cleaning.
Mabel reads “The Reality Behind the Void” (Intellego Summa, level 10, quality 6)
Phillipe is enchanting a necklace with Ward vs. Creatures of the Air.
Tangwystl is creating bandages of wound binding
Tangwystl enchants Jocelyn’s sword with Edge of the Razor.

June 29

Llewellyn arrives at the Covenant. He meets with Lord Morien. The magae present him with one of Gelhert’s puppies who he names Gelhert. Things are smoothed over between Llewellyn and Morien but Llewellyn does not give Morien any men-at –arms to help him regain his manor. Llewellyn takes Bryn with him, relieving the magae of a thorn in their side.
Meanwhile at Voluntas, Julia of Jerbiton greets Aaazz warmly and gives her access to the Voluntas Library. Aaazz agrees to send Voluntas a copy of “The Reality Behind the Void” (Intellego Summa, level 10, quality 6). Aaazz decides to copy a level 6 Mentem Summa and a level 6 Herbam Summa from Voluntas’ library.

At the next full moon, Mabel visits the region, hoping to be able to translate more of the numerous Greek inscriptions found there. She finds she is able to read the ancient Greek but only very slowly. She estimates it would take her three to four weeks to copy the writing. This would mean two years of time in the world outside the region. Mabel and the other magae decide now is not the right time for this.

Tang decides to go talk to the fairies outside the Stone Circle. She confirms that they only need something or someone to ward off the birds. She promises them they will have that and leaves them some honey cakes, as a sign of good faith.

Epona takes the Vis detection stick and goes to Griffydd ap Gwynfyr to pay the rent for the stone circle. While there she visits with Meriel and Rhian. Meriel’s pregnancy is progressing well. On the way back, she stops by the cave with the stream where Elwyn was healed after being attacked by Melwyn’s group of bandits. She finds vis in the mud and collects it in a jar. She returns with one pawn of corpus vis.

The Thames froze over in winter 1204-1205 and there is much famine in the land. Ad Astra is more vigilant about the sheep and helping the townfolk. Tang brings Michael to live in the Covenant great house. Mabel invites Cecilia Otter to become her servant. She offers to teach her proper etiquette for a lady-in-waiting. The magae send a letter to Fredeguisa registering the icicles from the region and the mud from the cave as renewable vis sources. Rhian visits Adam and the covenant less frequently as Meriel’s pregnancy progresses. Meriel is due to deliver in October 1205. Tang enchants Jocelyn’s sword with Edge of the Razor. Corinthius appears every new moon, in the orchard, still searching. Aaahz returns from Voluntas on September 18.

On September 19, the new moon, Epona, Tang and Aaazz try to communicate with Corinthius. Epona casts an Intellego Mentem, level 10 spell. Corinthius looks directly at Epona and she is able to detect he is worried and confused. Suddenly the magae are in complete darkness. A moment later they are standing at one end of a stone hall. The hall has a very high vaulted ceiling, a black marble floor, a large fire pit in the middle, sixteen tapestries on the wall, 2 long tables and sixteen chairs that match the tapestries. At the opposite end of the hall is a dais. There is a table on the dais and on the table are three gold goblets. The magae can see a door behind the dais. Tang casts Intellego Imaginem to help her see and hear better. The fire in the fire pit looks wrong but sounds normal. Aaazz casts Intellego Imaginem to help her see past any illusions. She and Tang can see that each goblet is decorated; one has a dragon, one has a tree and one has skulls. Aaazz casts Intellego Vim and botches. She has a twilight episode, goes transparent and she sees food on the tables. She also sees a door behind where Epona and Tang are standing that opens to a road that leads to a dark forest. Aaazz does not see Tang or Epona. Epona and Tang can see Greek writing on Aaazz’s transparent face. Tang tries to grab Aaazz but her hand goes right through her. Aaazz moves forward; Tang and Epona follow. Epona casts Intellego Mentem and detects that Aazz is curious. Tang tries to contact Aaazz but is unsuccessful. Tang casts Intellego Vim and detects there is vis in the fire in the fire pit. Aaazz moves forward again, followed by Epona and Tang. But an elemental creature of fire appears, trying to burn them by throwing fire at them. They are able to protect themselves and back up but the Fire creature stays, hovering over the pit. Epona catches a mouse and throws it to see what will happen. The fire creature kills it with fire. Epona casts Perdo Vim at the Fire creature. It waivers, then casts fire back at Epona who successfully parries. Meanwhile Aazz is standing at the dais and casts Intellego Vim on the goblets. The wine in the goblets has vis in it. The wine in the dragon goblet is a rosé; the tree goblet has white wine and the skulls goblet has red wine. Tang is about to cast Muto Terram on the floor, to create walls but the Fire creature attacks her. Tang changes to casting a Muto Ignem and guides the flames away from her. Aazz casts Intellego Imaginem to see through any illusions and the room looks the same. Aaazz is able to pick up the skull goblet. Epona and Tang touch the dove tapestry but nothing happens. Aaazz drinks from the skull goblet. The wine tastes reeeaaally good! Tang casts Rego Terram and moves the goblet away from Aaazz who holds on and follows it toward Tang and Epona. As the goblet passes the fire creature, it explodes into fiery ribbons that fill Epona’s and Tang’s end of the hall. The fiery ribbons do not penetrate their parma and go around them. Aaaazz lets go of the skull goblet and Tang catches it. Tang casts Rego Terram again and moves the tree goblet across the room. Aaazz picks up the dragon goblet and follows the tree goblet across the room. Aaazz puts the dragon goblet near the other two goblets and then tries to drink from it but Tang prevents her from drinking. The three goblets are on the floor between Tang and transparent Aaazz. Epona casts Intellego Vim on the nearest tapestry, the dove one. She detects no vis. Aaazz looks at the fire pit; it looks normal to her. She casts Intellego Vim at the fire and there is no vis in the fire she sees. Tang picks up the tree goblet; Aaazz picks up the skull goblet and Epona picks up the dragon goblet. All three cross the room (aaaz is following the “floating goblets”). The fire creature shoots fire at Tang and Epona. As they go through the door behind the dais, Epona gets hit by the fire and loses three body levels. Aaazzz follows them through the door. On the other side of the door is a huge silver bowl and spiral stairs leading up.

Aaazz walks over to the silver bown and sprinkles some wine in it. Tang and Epona do not see any wine hitting the bowl. Epona decides to drink some of the wine from the dragon goblet. Tang drinks from the tree goblet. Although the wine tastes excellent, nothing else happens. Aaazz goes up the stairs a short way; turns and casts the spell Unseen Porter. She has the Unseen Porter carry the silver bowl up the stairs. Tang and Epona follow the bowl. There is a door at the top of the stairs that opens out to a rooftop balcony.

From the balcony, the magae can see a dark forest below. Across from the door, is a tower with another door on the other side however, the rooftop is covered in countless sleeping back ravens. Aaazz starts to walk across the roof, very, very quietly. When she sees the goblets not moving from the doorway, she returns to Tang and Epona. She sets down the silver bowl and it clanks loudly, wakening the ravens. The ravens fly up in a black cloud. Tang and Epona and Aaazz run for the far door. Tang feels a spell being cast at her but there is no effect. Epona has a large weeping wound open up in her side. They run through the door, with Aaazz close behind. They are now in a large round tower.

The tower is one room with a large black and white sundial in the middle. There is a bookstand there with a large book open upon it. Lying across the book is a body that looks like Aaazz. At the base of the bookstand is another body that looks like Corinthius. Aaazz walks over to Corinthius’ body and casts Intellego Corpus and realizes he is dead. All look at the book and the pages are blank however Tang and Epona see letters written across Corinthius’ and Aaazz’s faces. Aaazz casts Whispers Through the Balck Gate (IntCor) to talk to Corinthius. She asks him what happened. Corinthius reveals that hewas searching for Fasil, his shield grog. He discovers Fasil has been trapped as one of the knights eating at the banquet downstairs in the great hall. The knights are enchanted to eat and go on quests. Corinthius came up to the tower, to read in the book, looking for answers and a spell to release Fasil. However Corinthius had no food or water with him and he starved to death in the tower. He tells Aaazz that he and Fasil came on the midnight path. There are no other doors in the tower. Aaaz finishes the red wine. She looks up, the walls go up indefinitely. The silver bowl was left at the other doorway. Tang walks over, touches the book and disappears, her tree goblet falling to the floor. Epona goes over to the book and being careful not to touch it, pushes the body off. Both the body and the ghostly Aaaz disappear. Epona decidesto touch the book and she disappears. All three magae awake in the orchard at night. The magae realize that they were experiencing Corinthius’ final twilight episode. The results of the twilight episode is that Tang now has a minor deficiency in Perdo; Epona has increased understanding of Creo (she can now write 2/3 her Creo score instead of ½). Aaazz gains some tattoos and figures out the three goblets corresponded to the three realms of fairy, magic and infernal.

Autumn 1205:

September 21

Covenant meeting and plans for season: Phillipe is finishing the necklace to ward off creatures of the air; Aaazz is copying a level 10 Intellego Summa for Voluntas; Epona is extracting Vim vis; Mabel is studying a Corpus Tractacus from the library; Tangwysl is writing a Creo Libri Questionum (target 3, quality 9) entitled “Something From Nothing”, for the covenant library.

October 7

Rhian arrives at Ad Astra. She is distraught over having received word that her father, Hywel, is dead but no one can find his head. She tells Adam who takes her to Mabel. Mabel makes some of her wonderful tea for them, listens to Rhian’s story and tells Adam that if he wants to go to Hywel, he should talk to Jocelyn. He does and Jocelyn takes Adam to talk to Dai. Dai wants to return himself to see what is going on at Lord Hywel’s home. Jocelyn sends Adam, Aedden, and Kevin with him. Tang casts Edge of the Razor, enchanting Aedden’s 2 axes and Kevin’s sword.

October 10

The grogs arrive at Lord Hywel’s home. Hywel’s body is buried but at the manor itself, not the cemetery. He cannot be in consecrated ground until the head is found. Hywel’s body was found in the stables. Hywel’s brother is taking charge of the manor until Hywel’s son, Cudduggan comes of age in two years. Dai is shocked by the turn of events. Aerona sends a letter to Rhian and Meriel. Adam, Aedden, Kevin and Dai explore the stable. Dai speaks to the head grog who tells them that Hywel always checked on the horses every morning and evening. The head grog thinks the murder occurred in the evening but the body was not found until morning. There was blood spattered in one of the stalls. They look all over the stable for the head but could not find it. They searched the manor grounds as well but could not find it. There were no signs of fresh digging so it hadn’t been buried.

October 11

Dai, Aedden, Adam and Kevin leave Hywel’s manor. Aerona gives them baby gifts and her letter for Rhian and Meriel.

October 12

Late in the day, while looking for a campsite, the grogs come across a large lump of black cloth. It moans when they prod it and they discover it is Fr John, one of the traveling priests. Fr John has dark stains on the side of his robe. He is dazed but otherwise not wounded. He tells the grogs that Fr Marcus is dead. Fr John tells them one or two days ago, he and Fr Marcus were sleeping in a shrine along the road. Fr. John was awakened by the sound of a horse galloping away. He looked and saw Fr Marcus body with its head chopped off. Fr John buried Fr Marcus’ body and has been unable to leave since. Dai, Adam, Aedden and Kevin bring Fr John back to Ad Astra with them. They tell Jocelyn his story.

October 13

Jocelyn tells Epona the whole story and later he tells Morien a version of the events. Epona goes to Aazz and tells her the story. Aaazz and Epona thell Tang the story. The next day, while Adam is taking the box of baby gifts and letter to Griffydd’s, Aaazz, Epona and Tang tell Phillipe and Mabel. The magae decide to talk to Fr Marcus’ spirit.

October 15

Tang and Caden leave Ad Astra to go to the fairy dance. Aaazz, Phillipe, Gaspard, Louis and Radalfus go to Fr Marcus’ grave, saying they are going to leave flowers. Instead they dug up Fr Marcus’ body. Aaazz casts “Whispers Through the Black Gate” ( IntCor) to talk to Fr Marcus. His spirit tells her that a large man without a head rode up to where he and Fr John were camped. The headless man dismounted and walked to the shrine. Fr Marcus tried to banish him but he cut off Fr Marcus’ head. Fr Marcus does not know where the headless man took his head. Phillipe buries Fr Marcus’ body deeper and marks the grave. Unbeknownst to him and the others, Aazz has taken one of Fr Marcus’ fingers, in order to have an arcane connection for casting “The Inexorable Search”.

October 16

In researching the spell, Aaazz finds out “The Inexorable Search” is only to find living people. She casts a charm against putrification on the finger.

October 18

A messenger arrives and goes straight to Jocelyn. He is from Griffydd’s. Griffydd is asking for one of the wise women to come to his manor because a servant has been murdered. Epona, Aaazz, Gaspard, Sinead and Aedden go to Griffydd’s. Griffydd greets them in the great hall and takes them to Meriel’s rooms where a headless body lies in the middle of the sitting room floor. Meriel’s maid was killed. Griffydd wants the magae to find the head. Aedden is translating for the magae and Griffydd. Delwyn, Griffydd’s head housekeeper, said they were awakened by the sounds of screams. She found Meriel screaming and hasn’t seen Rhian since. Delwyn clearly doesn’t like Rhian or Meriel and feels they have usurped Melangill. Aaaazz casts a spell to collect a vial of the maid’s blood, for an arcane connection. While doing this, she notices the wound is extremely clean cut, not ragged at all as would be expected. Epona casts an InVim spell. She sees the remains of Aaazz’s spell but no other magical residue on the body or in the room. Aaazz and Epona let Delwyn remove the maid’s body and go to see Griffydd. He is in his rooms, making sure Meriel is able to rest undisturbed. She is in the last month of her pregnancy and he is very concerned over her and the baby’s health. He doesn’t know where Rhian is; she has disappeared from the manor. Griffydd tells them that Melangill is with her family about one day southwest of the manor. He explains the murderer had to go through the great hall to get to the tower but no one saw anything. Aaazz and Epona tell Griffydd about the other murders and ask to talk to Meriel. Griffydd does not want her awakened and asks them to wait in the great hall until she awakens. Aaazz, Epona, Sinead, Gaspard and Aedden wait in the great hall. They observe there are two doors into the great hall. Griffydd prepares a room for Aaaz, Epona, Sinead and Gaspard; Aedden rides back to Ad Astra to look for Rhian. It quickly becomes clear that Delwyn doesn’t like the magae. Gaspard and Sinead talk to the guardsmen. Gaspard is pretty sure one of the guardsmen is lying about not seeing a horse at the main gate. Guard at the door to the hall denied seeing anything.

Aedden arrives at Ad Astra and learns that Adam is also missing. Aedden returns to Griffydd’s with this news. Jocelyn asks Phillipe and Mabel for help finding Adam. Mabel casts “The Inexorable Search” and detects Adam in the regio. Mabel, Phillipe, Louis, Kevin go to the regio and find Adam and Rhian. Rhian tells them she was in the room with the maid. The headless horseman looked at her without eyes but with fury and anger. Then he beheaded the maid, took her head and left. The maid was one of Griffydd’s household maids who moved in and became Meriel’s maid. Phillipe and Mabel collect the acorns with vis in them and bring Adam and Rhian back to Mabel’s antechamber. Kevin is sent to Griffydd’s with the message that Rhian is safe.

Meanwhile, Epona is invited to see Meriel. Sinead accompanies her. Meriel said she was awakened by Rhian who told her what happened. Rhian thought the headless man was after her, so she said she was leaving to keep Meriel safe. Rhian said the horseman looked at her with hate but didn’t even glance at the door to Meriel’s room. The magae and shield grogs decide to sleep at the base of the tower stairs, with screens to give them privacy. Aaazz makes the screens taller which creeps out Griffydd’s household.

October 19

The magae send Aedden to talk to Melangills former maid. She shows him a trunk of Melangill’s old gowns. He searches through them and finds some of Melangill’s hair. The magae and grogs return to Ad Astra after suggesting to Griffydd that he move Meriel to the chapel to stay. Adam and Rhian are still at Mabel’s. Fr John is still in the guest house at Ad Astra.

October 20

Mabel invites Morien to tea. She asks about Melangill and Morien shares that Melangill’s family has questionable loyalties to Llewellyn. Then Morien seems uneasy. Upon further questioning, he asks to whom do the magae owe allegiance. Mabel tries to explain that the magae do not want to be involved in mundane politics; they seek only knowledge. Aaazz uses a map of the area around ad Astra and casts The Inexorable Search. Melangill is not in this area. Aaaz gets Kevin. She asks him to kill a pig with his enchanted sword so she can look at the wound, comparing it with the maid’s wound. The wounds are different; the pig’s is more jagged. The maid’s wound was as clean as scissors cutting paper.

October 21

Tang returns from fairy dance. The magae plan: It seems the horseman kills every other week but to be careful, they will be ready Oct 24. ( the maid was killed on October 17). Mabel will cast Confound the Connection (PeCo) on herself and Rhian on October 23. Aaaz will cast Confound the Connection on Meriel and Griffydd on October 23. Tang will enchant arrows and swords with Edge of the Razor (without vis). Using vis, Tang casts Edge of the Razor on Sinead’s, Gaspard’s and Louis’ weapons. Epona will be ready to change into a lynx to track, in case the horseman shows up. Kevin practices snipping bits of hair from horses’ tails. He is to sneak up invisibly, using the cloak, and try to get a bit of the headless horseman’s horse’s tail hairs, for an arcane connection. Aazz will cast Eyes of the Cat (MuCo) on herself and grogs. Tang will cast Eyes of the Cat on herself. Epona will be ready with a PeVim spell for the horseman. Tang will “build” a stone wall from piles of rocks (MuTe) in front of the doors into the manor. Aaaz will cast Illusion of the Shifted Image (ReImag) on the victim to mislead the horseman. Phillipe will be ready to cast Illusion of the Shifted Image on Rhian and/or Lift the Dangling Puppet to levitate her up to the ceiling of the great hall.

October 23

Mabel casts Confound the Connection on herself but botches the casting on Rhian. Aaazz casts Confound the Connection on Rhian. Aaazz, Epona, Tang, Gaspard, Sinead, Caden, Kevin and Aedden leave for Griffydd’s. They find, Griffydd and Meriel and both in the chapel. Griffydd will not allow Aaazz to cast any spells. Griffydd allows Epona to cast Confound the Connection on himself. She has to rest 45 minutes before she can cast it again. Griffydd’s staff have made two pikes of stones in front of the doors. Epona casts Confound the Connection on Meriel. Tang “builds” the wall of stone in front of the kitchen door. Aaazz, Kevin, Gaspard and Aedden are in the courtyard. Nothing happens that night. Nothing happens on October 24th. Nothing happened at Ad Astra either. Rhian decides to return to Meriel. The magae tell Rhian their suspicions about the guard at Griffydd’s as well as explaining arcane connections and tell her the safest place is in the chapel.

October 29 (Thursday)

That evening, Rhian rides into Ad Astra. She talks to Adam who takes her to Epona. Rhian tells Epona that Delwyn brushed Meriel’s hair that morning and now the brush is missing. Epona calls the magae together and tells them what happened. They send Epona, Aaazz Tang, Sinead, Gaspard, Caden, Aedden and Kevin (with the cloak) to Griffydd’s immediately. They arrive the morning of October 30. Griffydd invites them in. The magae send Kevin to Delwyn’s room to search for the brush but he finds nothing- just bare servant’s quarters. One of the maids tells Sinead that Delwyn goes to market on Mondays or Tuesdays. However, one of the two guards who was on watch on October 17, Glyn, is gone on an errand for Delwyn. Sinead talks to the inside guard but learns nothing. Epona, Sinead and Kevin corner Delwyn who lies about where she sent the guard, Glyn. Delwyn runs to the tower to tell Griffydd she was threatened and the magae are evicted from the manor house. They move a little way outside the gate. The magae send Kevin back to get an arcane connection to Glyn. Meanwhile, Glyn rides up. The magae stop Glyn. Tang casts Lift the Dangling Puppet on Glyn and Aaaz casts a ReCo spell to silence him. Glyn nods that he will answer questions quietly. Tang lowers him but keeps him a couple of inches from the ground, just in case. Glyn is terrified and vomits on Aaaz who calmly cleans it off with a PeAq spell. Epona casts Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (IntMe). Caden asks Glyn where Delwyn sent him. He replies he went to a stump in a clearing 10 miles west of the keep. He had a box from Delwyn that he left on the stump. He has done this twice before. He takes a different box each time. Tang lowers him then changes his memory (MuMe) so he doesn’t recall the conversation. The magae prepare for the horseman but he doesn’t show up.

October 31

Epona and Sinead go to the clearing. Epona smells two distinct humans. She follows the second set of tracks that lead out the other side of the clearing. Meanwhile, Mabel, Phillipe, Louis and Jocelyn join the others outside the keep. Mabel goes up to the doorman who lets her into the manor. Aaaz, Tang, Phillipe cast Eyes of the Cat and Tang sharpens arrows for Kevin.

At dusk, Epona comes to a fire in a clearing. There is a huge dead tree in the clearing, all gnarled and twisted as if in agony. There is a figure near the fire, shouting and holding aloft a skull. The figure shouts “Meriel” and throws something on the fire. The headless horseman appears and starts to gallop away. Epona casts a web across the trees. The horseman is only slowed down but the horse is trapped. Epona casts Lungs of Water and Death (CrAq) at the figure who falls to the ground. Sinead is near Epona as they approach the figure. Epona goes to get the skull. The figure stops coughing up water and is catching its breath. Sinead knocks the person out and they see it is Melangill. Epona gets the skull but the horseman is gone. Epona traps Melangill in webs. Sinead sees the bag and box for the skull. Epona changes back into a lynx and they head back to the manor.

Aaaz meanwhile has put the guard to sleep with a ReMe spell. The magae and grogs sneak back into the keep. Phillipe locks the gates. Tang covers the gates with thorns (MuHe). Inside the manor house, Meriel is having a difficult labor and Griffydd lets Mabel into to help her. Rhian is there and gets Delwyn out of the room. Griffydd allows Mabel to use magic. Mabel casts IntCor and “sees” that the baby is turned wrong. Mabel casts CrCor on Meriel ot give her strength. She casts ReCor to turn the baby. Outside, Tang has the grogs move the stones back in front of the doors. Tang casts MuTer and creates stone walls, blocking off the doors. Aaazz is on the wall, watching; she sees lightening in the distance. Aaaz, Tang and Phillipe cast Illusion of the Shifted Image on themselves. As midnight approaches, Mabel is successfully turning the baby and the magae and grogs see the horseman approaching! Aaaz casts Hands of the Grasping Earth (ReTe) and traps the horse. The horseman is thrown but he just rolls as he lands and keeps approaching the keep. Phillipe, Tang, Aaaz and Kevin are on the wall. The horseman is slowed but gets through the thorny gate. Kevin is shooting it with arrows. Magic seems to have no effect on the horseman. It enters the courtyard and is engaged by the grogs who are able to wound it with mundane weapons. Griffydd’s staff is able to see what is happening and watch the fight as the grogs beat the Horseman. As the horseman finally is beaten, Mabel helps Meriel deliver a healthy baby boy. Kevin is badly wounded from the fight. Cadan has light wounds. Tang runs and takes down the stone walls so Kevin and Cadan can be taken into the manor house. Aaaz casts InVim and senses that the horse’s hooves, the horseman’s heart and the sword all have raw vis. The hooves are animal vis- one pawn per hoof. The heart is 3 pawns of corpus vis. The sword is 3 pawns of perdo vis. Epona arrives. The magae and grogs all move back into the great hall. Aaaz casts Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch (CrCo) on Kevin but it doesn’t help him. She casts it on Cadan but it still doesn’t help. Mabel casts Bind Wound on Kevin and Cadan. They all spend the rest of the night at Griffydd’s.

November 1

Griffydd meets with the magae. Epona tells him she saw Melangill summoning the Horseman. Sinead has the skull used for the summoning. The magae ask Griffydd for some of his men to accompany them to the tree to search for the missing heads. Epona shifts to a lynx to look for Sinead. Aaaz and Gaspard go with her.

Tang casts Bind Wound on Kevin and Cadan. Phillipe, Louis, Aedden and Kevin return to Ad Astra. Phillipe can then place the Bandages of Wound Binding on Kevin. He will recover to light wounds by Dec 10 and then recover to hurt on Dec 20. Mabel checks on Meriel and the baby boy. Griffydd tells her he wants Fr John to baptize the baby Hywel. Mabel and Tang tell Griffydd that Fr John is at Ad Astra awaiting Fr Marcus’ head.

Meanwhile Aaazz, Epona and Gaspard find Sinead unconscious, the horseman’s head next to her. Sinead has no visible wounds. Epona shifts back to human form. Aaaz casts InVi on Sinead but detects no magic. Epona casts InVi on the horseman’s skull- it has raw vis. Aaaz casts InMe on Sinead and can tell she is comatose. Epona casts ReMe to awaken Sinead. Sinead awakens screaming. Epona casts ReMe to calm Sinead down. She stops screaming and tells them that just after midnight the skull began screaming and that’s the last thing she remember. Sinead has very low fatigue but she can walk. They have lunch in the clearing and wait for Griffydd’s men, Tang and Mabel.

At the keep, Tang casts the Gentle Beast on the horses. Two of the horses are no longer afraid of her. The third horse is still skittish so they have that one in front. They meet up with Epona and Aaaz’s group and all go to the Horseman’s tree. When they arrive they see Melangill is gone. There is the remains of the fire from the night before. Aaazz casts InVi on the tree- it is filled with raw vis. Epona casts a variation of the spell Gather the Essence of the Beast to gather the raw vis into one branch of the tree. The spell works and she breaks off the branch. The tree and the branch both start bleeding. Aaazz casts another InVi and detects that the dripping blood has the raw vis, not the branch. The magae grab vials and gather the blood (ReCo) into the vials. They end up with 3 vials of blood. Aaazz also detected there is raw vis at the base of the tree. Tang casts Sense the Nature of Vis and detects it is perdo vis but something about the spell felt weird. Tang casts Scales of Magical Weight and finds they have 4 pawns of perdo vis. Meanwhile Aaaz casts InHe on the tree and detects an internal hollow at the base of the tree. Epona casts Twist the Living Tree (MuHe). She has trouble with the spell, loses a fatigue level but is able to open the tree. Out tumble the heads of Hywel, Fr Marcus and the maid- all covered with maggots. The smell is horrific. Aaaz casts MuCo to stop the smell. Aaaz casts InVi on the heads and detects that all three heads and the maggots have raw vis. Tang tries ReAN to get the maggots to crawl into a jar but her spell fails. Epona casts ReAn and the maggots crawl into a jar that the magae then seal. They are 3 pawns of muto vis.Cadan meanwhile has been having Griffydd’s men searching for Melangill. He catches Tang’s eye and suggests to the men that they search the hut nearby. Tang casts Gather the Essence of the Beast on the maid’s head, gathering the vis in the maid’s hair. She pulls out the clump of hair and puts it in a bag. Tang casts Gather the Essence of the Beast on Fr Marcus’ head and gathers the vis in one of his canines that she then extracts and puts in a bag. Secretly, Aaazz takes another of Fr Marcus’ teeth. Cadan continues to keep Griffydd’s men busy searching. Tang casts Gather the Essence of the Beast, gathering the raw vis into Hywel’s tooth, extracting it and putting it into a bag. Later the magae discover the hair and two teeth are one pawn of corpus vis each. Aaazz casts InVi and detects no other raw vis in the heads nor on the tree. The magae have Griffydd’s men put the heads in bags. Tang asks if anyone has holy water but no one brought any. Cadan abd the guardsmen report that they found a cot and a firepit in the hut and nothing else. Epona shifts to lynx form in the hut to get Melangill’s scent. She finds no trace of Melangill outside the clearing. Epona remembers a ritual spell that could animate a corpse but there is a nonHermetic branch of magic that could bind a spirit. The group leaves the clearing agreeing to inform Fr John of the tree. They arrive back at Griffydd’s at nightfall. Aaazz recasts MuCo on the three heads, this time to last a month. Hywel, Fr Mrcus and the maid can now have Christian burials in consecrated ground. Meriel asks Mabel to be the baby’s godmother. Mabel agrees. The magae return to Ad Astra.

Cadan will recover from light wounds to hurt on Nov 10. The magae tell Fr John of the tree and of Griffydd’s request that he go to baptize the newborn Hywel. They also tell Fr John that they will continue to keep watch on the tree with him.

November 5

The red caps arrive. The maga from Burnham is still looking for the thief and has even burned some mundane villages. The quaesitors have called a meeting to decide what action to take. There is a new relic in Atcham; a fingerbone of St Peter- brought back from the Crusades. The magae send Fredeguisa a new list of renewable vis sources they have found. The magae cannot recall if they told Fredeguisa that Corinthius was missing or not.

Winter 1205/1206:

December 21

The magae recast level 30 Aegis of the Hearth- Phillipe casts the spell. Tang lets Michael join in the walk around the covenant. Plans for the season:
Epona is studying 3 pawns of terram vis.
Tang is reading “Delving the Roots” (Herbam Summa, level 6, quality 8)
Phillipe is studying the maggots (3pawns of muto vis)
Aaaaz is studying 3 pawns of Herbam vis (morning glories)
Mabel will study a Magic Theory Summa.

December 30

The magae decide to investigate Corinthius’ lab. There is a metal lock on his door. Tang tries a ReTe spell to unlock the door but the spell fails. Epons casts a rusting spell (PeTe) but it does not affect the lock. Tang warps the dorro with a MuHe spell and it opens. The magae enter a sitting room. Aaaz casts InVi in the sitting room and detects no magic or vis. The magae go through a door on the left of the sitting room and enter an office/book room. There are shelves full of scrolls. There is a wooden arch leading to the lab. Aaaz casts InVi and does not detect any vis on the arch. Tang goes through the arch and is hit by a ward; all of her spells are now cast at 15. Epona enters the arch and is hit by two wards; all of her spells are at -15 and she is blinded. Epona steps back into the office. Her eyes have cataracts. Aaaz and Mabel go through the door on the right of the sitting room to a bed chamber, most likely Fasil’s. They find an illusory wall and are able to safely enter Corinthius’ lab. They are careful not to touch much as they walk around. There are many wonders in the lab. There is a huge cabinet with glass doors, filled with bottles, jars and boxes. Aaazz detects one of the jars has vis in it but after the wards placed on the arch, the magae decide not to try to open the cabinet. There are four tables in the lab. The table closest to the wooden arch has a variety of glass and ceramic objects on it bowls, mortar and pestle, a 6” diameter ring . The table next tot his one is empty. Near the two tables is a huge apparatus of multiple mirrors attached to rods that create orbits around each other, somewhat like the cosmos but definitely not a representation of the cosmos as the magae know it. In the middle of the room is a pedestal/podium with a small door in it. There is something inside radiating Vis but the door has a unfamiliar ward on it. There is a magical stone statue of a cat next to it. Across the room from the doors is a table with a stuffed owl, parchments, a book press and feathers on it. Above it is a curious copper wire grid with wood beads in various intervals on the wires. There is a red stone on the table that has Vis in it. Aaaz takes the stone; it has 2 pawns of ignem Vis. There are 2 circles drawn on the floor, one opposite the huge cabinet and one between the illusory door and the table with the owl on it. The fourth table is closest to the illusory door. There is nothing on it but next to it is a human skeleton, held together by copper wire and silk ties. The skeleton is near the stairs leading up to Corinthius’ bedroom. The bedroom has storage, a bed and a table- nothing of interest apparently. There are pine needles all over the floor, radiating raw Vis. When they are swept up and collected, the magae have 2 pawns of vim Vis. The magae then decide to concentrate on the study. They begin searching through the scrolls. They find most of the scrolls are Corinthius’ notes and will need to be “translated” to be useful. Tang finds a book “Hearths rest” that has the following spells in it: Cat’s Prowl; Gate’s Guardian; Hearth’s Warmth; Home’s Comfort; Garden’s Balm. There is a book entitled “Walking With Aesculapius” by Corinthius (Corpus Libri Questionum target 6, quality 12) and the spells “Gentle Touch of the Purified Body” (CrCo 15) and “Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh” (InCo 10). They find 7 scrolls with spells- 1 Dimming the Light- reduces magical ability by 15; 2 Sense the Unknown Touch- a trigger for any item that it is not the magus touching it; 3- Sealed Door; 4- Finding the Material; 5- The Opaque Pointer; 6- Gift of Warmth, revoking the gift of warmth causes chills; 7- Night’s Deep Sleep. There is an eighth scroll that Tang recognizes as Corinthius’ family tree. The magae take all 8 scrolls and the 2 books and leave. Tang casts MuTe and reshapes the door to its original shape.

Detail of Seasons by SN

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