Pool Regio

The island in the middle of the pool is invisible to the mundane world, but is always accessible via an underwater gate between two dead trees. This is the first level of the regio, and has a level three aura. An ancient oak tree is the only feature of the island; it contains a squirrel’s nest. The only apparent inhabitant of the island is the black squirrel that lives in the nest. The squirrel can transform into a silver fish to travel to the mundane world. The squirrel has not been seen since the disappearance of Corinthius.

A path appears as a flagstone path around the oak tree on nights of the full moon.

The second level (aura 5) appears as a garden in late spring, surrounded by a high dense, privet hedge. A sundial sits in the center of the garden, with a fountain at one end, and stone bench at the other. The fountain contains a statue of a fawn with a horn; water gushes from the horn. Several trees offer shade in the garden: a cotton wood grows near the fountain, and a walnut tree near the large stone bench. Two smaller trees, cherry and apple flank the opening in the privet hedge at the bench end of the garden. The flagstone path around the perimeter of the garden is arched over by the privet hedge. Time passes differently, here. The sundial actually tells the phases of the moon at the mundane level: noon is the full moon, midnight the new moon. Each day in the garden is actually a month in the mundane world.
Garden level
Lots of vis sources are sprinkled throughout the garden. Each yields 1 pawn of vis, unless otherwise noted:

  • The dew that forms on the grass each morning can be gathered at dawn yields Aquam vis.
  • Cottonwood seeds floating in midmorning contain Auram vis.
  • The shadow of a person at midafternoon contains Corpus vis, if it can be picked up and stored.
  • Heated air above the sundial at noon can be gathered and contains Ignem vis.
  • The scented air around a rosebush at dusk can be gathered for Imagonem vis.
  • The dreams of anyone sleeping in the garden at midnight appear as misty images above the sleeper’s head. These images must be given substance, and yield Mentem vis.
  • Mushrooms grow between the flagstones around the fountain each night. They can be harvested before dawn for Terram vis, otherwise they disappear.

At dusk, the stone arch on the east side becomes a gate to the dungeon level as the shadow of the sundial stretches toward the arch. To pass through the gate, someone must approach the arch flagstone path. At dawn, the stone arch on the west side becomes a gate to the ???? level as the shadow of the sundial stretches toward the arch. To pass through the gate, someone must approach the arch flagstone path. Hints to these gates appear on the sundial, but are written in Greek.

At midnight, another path appears in the corner opposite the path from the oak tree on the island level.

Pool Regio

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