Tribunal of 1208

Held at Blackthorn Covenant, beginning on July 15 at the rise of the full moon.
See 1208TribunalA for a narrative of the proceedings.

Magi attending the Tribunal:

Name House Covenant # votes Vote notes Speciality Age Gender Description
AAAZZ ex Criamon AdAstra 1 Y F
EPONA ex Bjornaer AdAstra 1 Y F
MABEL ex Jerbiton AdAstra 1 Y F
TANGWYSTL ex Merinita AdAstra 1 Y F
FORNAX ex Tremere Blackthorn 0 Goliard holds his vote Re, Me M F appears young; ugly, w/ scars on her face
GOLIARD ex Tremere Blackthorn 2 Holds Fornax’ sigil Re,Te O F dark hair streaked with gray
GOLIAS ex Tytalus Blackthorn 1 In,Co O M looks very young; unkepmt brown hair, innocent blue eyes
IUDICIUM ex Guernicus Blackthorn 0 proxy is Joanna In,Me A M writhing serpent tattoo on left cheek
MALVINIUS ex Tytalus Blackthorn 1 Pe,Co Y M black hair, sharp features
TALION ex Flambeau Blackthorn 1 Pe,Ig A M wears deep green robes
CAITLIN ex Miscellanea Burnham 1 Mu,Au Y F freckled with one blue and one brown eye
FOCUS ex Flambeau Burnham 1 Cr,Ig Y M bright red hair
TRUTINA ex Guernicus Burnham 0 proxy is Perceval, follows Iudicium Mu,Im M F beautiful with long dark hair and deep red robes
HERRIT ex Tytalus Nigrasaxa 2 holds Ariel ex Fl proxy In,Co Y F dresses very simply; hard eyes
MAXIMIANUS ex Bonisagus Nigrasaxa 1 mostly abstains Cr,Au A M bald except for tufts of white hair
SIFFED ex Criamon Nigrasaxa 2 holds Morlen ex Me proxy Mu,Me M M not bald! But hair color matches tattoos
ASTROLABE ex Jerbiton Schola Pythagoranis 1 Re,Te O M smart dresser, bright eyes
FREDIGISA ex Guernicus Schola Pythagoranis 0 proxy is William In,Me O F grandmotherly, with silver bangles in her bun
JOANNA ex Mercere Unaffiliated 1 proxy for Iudicium n/a O F unGifted Redcap; wiry and short; grey hair; dresses as a man
PERCEVAL ex Mercere Unaffiliated 1 proxy for Trutina n/a M M unGifted Redcap; brown hair, beard, green eyes
NATAN ex Tremere Unaffiliated 0 parens holds sigil Cr,Aq Y M brown hair cut very short, and brown eyes; simple robes
WILLIAM ex Mercere Unaffiliated 1 proxy for Fredigisa n/a M M unGifted Redcap, tall, blond hair
FLAVIUS Ex Miscellanea Ungulus 1 mostly abstains Cr,Im A M overweight, balding and bearded, dresses magnificently
CORVUS ex Bjornaer Voluntas 1 Cr,An M M black hair and eyes; black robes; appears to stare at people
JULIA ex Jerbiton Voluntas 1 Re,Co M F tall, with dark hair, pale skin, and low voice; deep blue robes w/ silver embroidery
KIRIST ex Flambeau Voluntas 1 Re,Ig Y M red robes, good looking

The AdAstra magae brought the following books and vis resources for trade purposes: (Italics indicate an original AdAstra work.)
Spells: Transpicuous Circle, Cryogenic Spell, Spurn the Spark (2), Destruction of Vermin (2), Vision of the Haunted Spirit, Lay to Rest the Haunted Spirit, Ring of Warding against Spirits.
Books: Dances in the Night (summa), Welsh Kings (tract), Walking with Aesculapius (libri), Distillation and Extraction (summa)
Vis: 7 He, 3 Me, 3 Mu

Tribunal of 1208

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