Ad Astra

Spring and Summer 1210

Spring: Tang visits the Faerie Dance with Michael and Cadan. No news from the redcaps on 4/14. Aaazz collects Ignem vis from the regio during all three full moons, bringing grogs along to collect the produce. The magae send a letter to Voluntas asking if they have a copy of The Shrouded Glen.

Betrys visited Mabel and over warm tea had a cold conversation, indicating that with Morien’s wedding in a year, the magae should vacate the manor. Mabel agreed to talk with the other magae. Voluntas responds that they do have the spell in their library, and wonder what AdAstra might have in trade. The magae discuss having Phillipe make a copy of his new summa for them.

On July 12, Aeddan Martyn demands to know what William’s intentions are for his daughter, Dilys, as they have apparently run off together. When William appears, Jocelyn has to calm Aeddan down. Jocelyn, William, and Aeddan the grog go to find Dilys. It turns out that William and Dilys had been meeting by a stream to the west of the village, where he wooed her with songs and stories, including one about a brave knight who tried to rescue the daughter of a dark knight.

When the trio gets to the trysting place, they find a large thorny hedge on the other side of the stream. Aeddan finds no tracks, and checks the hedge. The hedge has three-inch thorns, dripping a sulphurous black goo. Aeddan climbs a nearby tree to find that the tower which the hedge surrounds is three-stories tall. William starts cutting the hedge and Aeddan helps. William keep referring to himself as a hero, as the hedge and tower beyond remind him of the story of the brave knight rescuing the black knight’s daughter. William worries, however about how this story will end, as the brave knight has to kill a dragon which turns out to be the daughter under an enchantment. After cutting a hole beg enough to walk through in the hedge, it starts growing back, and quickly as Jocelyn attempts to pass through. They cut a few more branches and William is able to lead the group through the hedge. The lawn leading up to the tower is quite a bit larger than they thought it was from the outside. A large dog with two heads runs up to attack. Jocelyn and Aeddan attack the beast first, but the wounds they inflict appear to heal. William attacks the beast with his axe and eventually kills it. William tells the story of the black knight and the prince who tries to save the knight’s daughter whom he loves. The group approaches the tower, to find that it is a maze inside, just as it is in the story. After traversing the maze using thread from William’s shirt to prevent themselves from getting lost, they enter the large center chamber guarded by a dragon. Aeddan is paralyzed with fear. William starts to sing a song, and the dragon falls asleep. William jumps to the center of the room, opens the casket there, and has a long fight with the dark knight. When William lands a blow on the knight, the dark armor disappears and the knight turns into an elderly female elf who thanks William for the story and gives him a pearl. The dragon turns into Dilys who wakes up having had very strange dreams. The faerie turned into a dove and flew away. They return Dilys to her father, and go back to the covenant.

Tangwhystle visits the faeries near the stone circle with Michael, with the intent of making a bargain with the fey(!) to have access to the land on which to build a tower. She also hopes to open Michael’s arts during the journey. Of course, the faeries drive a hard bargain, asking for such things as the tears of a lion, the head of a dragon (every seven years), the first born child of a maga. Eventually, Tangwystl and Tiberion settle on the following agreement:

  • The tears of a fertile maiden to be shed on the full moon after the autumn equinox in exchange for rights to the stone circle
  • A perfect red rose on the winter solstice in exchange for an area seven times seven paces around the stone circle
  • A lovers’ embrace on the full moon after the spring equinox in exchange for a marked and safe path to the stone circle; the path will have two bridges, one over the stream in the area, and the other over a faerie trod.
    The rents are to be left on the large willow stump just outside the copse of trees on the bank of the stream. The magae are invited to attend the faerie’s feast on the summer solstice each year to re-confirm their agreement. Tang and Michael stay with the faeries for a time, dancing until Michael collapses, his arts opened.

Meanwhile, back at the covenant, Mabel has been packing up Corinthius’ lab …

Winter 1209: Wolves!

Jan 20: Jocelyn hears about a wolf problem in the area, and tells Mabel about it. Mabel lets the rest of the covenant know. Epona decides to solve the problem by “marking the territory”. After a week, there is still a problem: three sheep are killed. Rhodri and Dylan from Martyn Pool were close to being mauled. The magae wonder why the wolves are being so bold this year. The magae think about casting a Circle of Beast Warding as a short term solution.

Tang, Aaazz, and Epona decide to take a turn watching the sheep with Cadan, Gaspard, and Sinead, and Cynlais and Kevin. The cast Circle of Beast Warding from a scroll, after joining in Wizard’s Communion, with Natan, who leaves after the spell is complete. The spells are successful. The magi cast Eyes of the Cat on themselves and the grogs. But no wolves come that night. Jocelyn suggests hunting for them. The hunt the next day consists of Jocelyn, Cynlais, Aeddan, Kevin and Epona. Tang and Cadan and Aaazz and Gaspard decide to go as well, much to the chagrin of Jocelyn, as Tang seems to view this as a lark and Aaazz thinks it would be amusing to see what Tang does. Tangwystl and Aaazz spont CrIg spells to keep themselves and the grogs warm. Epona decides to travel as a lynx, which kind of freaks the dogs out, but everyone gets along. Cynlais finds the trail with the dogs, and everyone heads outs. Tang thinks it’s a party, as Jocelyn feared. They follow the trail for a day, and find no wolves. At sunset, the magae recast warmth spells, and the grogs build a fire, as it starts snowing. They also cast Cloak of Duck Feathers and Eyes of the Cat. The group is unmolested that night. Cynlais and the dogs pick up the trail the next morning, while the warm and dry spells are renewed. Late in the afternoon, the hounds find some wolves. Cynlais and Cadan drop two wolves with their long bows. Epona casts Weavers Trap of Webs and immobilizes four of the wolves as well as some of the hounds. Aaazz casts Hands of Grasping Earth and catches the last wolf. The long bowmen drop all but one of the trapped wolves; the last one escapes from the webs and tries to run away. Tang casts a spontaneous version of Hornet Fire to chase the wolf. Aaazz recasts the Grasping Earth successfully trapping the wolf, and Cadan drops it with an arrow. Jocelyn has the grogs cut out the hounds. Aaazz casts a really good InVi to check for magic. She believes the wolves are under some sort of spell. Cynlais does not believe that they have found the den.

Aeddan and Cynlais find the trail of the wolves, and the hunt is on again. Aaazz maintains concentration on the InVi spell as they continue. Aeddan and Cadan spot an unnatural looking hillock off to the side. This turns out to be a sod house, but with a mangled corpse laying near the door. Aaazz casts Whispers through the Black Gate, and the corpse tells them that he was attacked by wolves, and wants to make sure that his children Nia and Trefor, are well. There is some whispering among the grogs when they hear the corpse speak. Epona goes to the house to check for the kids, but the door seems stuck. Tang covers the smell of the body with a MuIm spell, while Jocelyn covers the body. Epona calls out the names of the children, and hears scrabbling from inside. Tang sponts a MuHe to warp the door and succeeds wildly with the door falling open, causing someone inside to scream. Epona enters, talking nicely to the children. Cadan enters as well, and talks to them. They discover two children, aged seven or eight. Jocelyn and Cadan soothe and feed the children, while Epona sponts a really good ReTe to dig a grave for the children’s father. She and the grogs bury the body and refill the hole. Epona and Kevin stay at the house with the children, while everyone else continues the hunt.

_The hunting party find the den in a thicket later that night. Tang casts Hornet Fire into the den while the grogs ready their bows. Aaazz casts a Wall of Thorns to catch the wolves, but botched the aim, and divided the hunting party in two. Cadan and Cylais drop two wolves, while Aaazz catches one in Grasping Earth, and Tang catches some in an Entwining Vines spell. All the wolves are trapped and dispatched. Tang sponts a MuHe very well to turn the thicket into garden of flowers. Aeddan, Cynlais, and Aaazz and Tang crawl into the den. Gaspard finds five sticks tied together with sheep’s wool. The magae take it with them.

The party reunites at the sod house to spend the night. In the morning, Tang makes six of the wolves weightless for the trip back to the covenant, but the seventh gets really heavy and left behind. Epona thinks she may have found a possible apprentice in the 7-year-old Trefor.

Spring-Autumn 1209

Spring: Cymbaline leaves AdAstra and travels to Ungulus, Flavius has an open invitation to magi wanting to join a covenant. Tang magically preserves honey cakes (CrHe5) to take to the Faerie Dance. The preservation spell is wildly successful and the cakes are the hit of the party. When she sees Michael, he appears to be once again 8 yrs old, and wants to stay longer, but Appolitanus suggests he has attended the faeries long enough. Epona and Aaazz send letters via Perceval the Redcap to let the Tribunal know that they are in search of apprentices. Aaazz sends a letter to Cymbaline; it’s kind of comprehensible. Tangwystl brings Michael back to the covenant to resume his Latin studies. Phillipe returns from Durenmar with four books. Aaazz tries to talk to Corinthius; she first casts Vision of the Haunting Spirit in order to find him in the orchard. Using a ReMe spell to try to break into his reverie, Aaazz is unable to get Corinthius’ attention. Mabel spends the season teaching Greek to students at Schola Pythagoranis.

Summer: Morien announces that he will be marrying in two years, to Aeronwy, the only child of a neighboring family. Meriel is pregnant again, and the magi decide to pay attention to who is in Martyn Pool village, and find the population growing a bit!

Autumn: Aaazz makes quick trips to the regio to collect fruit, herbs, and Ig Vis. The last two seasons have been fairly quiet, and the magi enjoy some uninterrupted lab work.

Winter 1208: Wizards War Anyway

Tang visits Flavius and helps him create the penseive wand. When the redcaps arrive on Jan 8, they bring a letter from Phillipe and payment from Fredigisa of 4 pawns of An vis as payment for harboring Cymbaline. Aaazz goes to the regio to collect the ignem vis and fruit, nuts, and herbs, and the Pe icicles.

On February 3, a declaration of Wizards War is brought to Cymbaline from Marcus ex Tytalus. Aaazz, Epona, and Mabel decide to take Cymbaline to the regio for a day to hide from Marcus. Aaazz, Gaspard, Adam, and Annie escort Cymbaline. They keep her blindfolded until they get to the garden. Aaazz gets the Ig vis from the sundial, and has the boys collect the cottonwood seeds and the mushrooms, along with the herbs and fruit. Cymbaline is confused about how staying one night in the garden will protect her from Marcus.

During the month that passes while Aaazz and Cymbaline are in the regio, . Marcus attacks the guest house in which Cymbaline had been staying with fire. Epona retaliates with Lungs of Water and Death, killing one of Marcus’ grogs and incapacitating another. She attempts to get Marcus, who is protected by his Parma. Natan and Mabel help control and quench the fire. Mabel spots another grog, and points him out to Epona, who casts Rusted Decay of Ten Score Years on his sword. Realizing that he has no mundane support in a hostile Aegis, and that he has missed Cymbaline, Marcus flees. The AdAstra grogs capture Marcus’ two surviving grogs and put them in the cell in the undercroft. The fire burns out the next day. The two grogs are given over to Morien to face mundane justice. Morien decides to hang the culprits. Meanwhile, Flavius offers Tang the use of Ungulus library for the next season, but she politely declines and leaves on March 21, promising to write to Flavius. Cymbaline decides to leave AdAstra, figuring that since Marcus was unsuccessful in his pursuit of Wizards War that she was probably safe from the Tytalus of Horsingas.

Autumn 1208: Wizards War Avoided

Tang visits the Faerie Dance on September 25 and sees Michael, who now looks ancient. He asks her if he can stay, and she agrees. On the way back, Tang and Cadan avoid being attacked by bandits.

Natan asks Epona if he can use the library; she goes through the “Rules” with him and since he agrees to all of them, she allows him access. Since she does not have a full season to work in the lab, Aaazz visits the regio for two months and collects the vis available there. Jocelyn the redcap arrives on November 11. He brings a letter from Fredigisa announcing that Cymbaline ex Merinita is defecting from Horsingas; Epona travels to Burnham to decide what happens to the maga, and provide a guard. Epona leaves with Sinead and Everard via “portkey” to Burnham. Epona brings a rock from the Co cave.

At Burnham, Epona finds that Cymbaline has brought enough vis to pay the debt that will avoid the Wizard War. Unfortunately, she did not alert the other magi of Horsingas who will surely come looking for her. She asks for asylum in Stonehenge Tribunal. Goliard of Blackthorn volunteers to take the renegade maga, as does Julia of Voluntas. There is no consensus about where Cymbaline should reside temporarily; Fredigisa convinces Epona that AdAstra might be the compromise solution. The others agree with the decision, and Epona, her grogs, Cymbaline, Goliard and her grogs set out for AdAstra.

Just after crossing the Severn at Atcham on November 29, Goliard decides that she has accompanied the group for long enough, and leaves. Shortly after, Epona and Cymbaline are confronted by Phineas ex Tytalus from Horsingas over Cymbaline’s defection. One of Phineas’ grogs manages to knock Cymbaline unconscious with a thrown rock, and Epona challenges Phineas to certamen to avoid further conflict. The Creo Animal contest takes several rounds, with both magi suffering fatigue. Early on, however, Phineas botches an attempt to overwhelm Epona, and pays for his mistake the next round as Epona presses him. He never completely recovers, and despite some gains, is ultimately rendered unconscious by Epona. She takes her opportunity for to humiliate him by conjuring cat urine and covering him with it while he lay on the ground. The grogs and Epona bring Cymbaline back to AdAstra, where she recovers quickly from her injury.

Epona introduces Cymbaline to the other magi. Tang and Aaazz wonder why the carpenters have not yet finished the guest houses? Tang is delighted to meet Cymbaline; they chat about old faerie acquaintences from the north. Agnes provides bedding and judgement. Tang, Aaazz, Mabel, and Epona meet to decide what to do with Cymbaline. Cymbaline turns out to be a shrew. The magae give Cymbaline a key, but tell her she can’t talk to Agnes anymore. Aaazz, Mabel, Tang, and Epona cast Wizards Communion to cast the level 30 Aegis.

Summer 1208 Pogrom Investigation

The last day of the Tribunal was spent discussing possible actions to take in response to the interdict. Julia wanted to invite magi from the continent to come set up new covenants in Stonehenge; Goliard argued strongly that chapterhouses of existing covenants would be better. The discussion lasted hours. In the end, letters were sent inviting additional magi to Stonehenge, encouraging them to join the covenants already in existence. The Tribunal also decided that any new covenants being proposed would need to gain a majority approval at a Tribunal to be officially recognized. The meeting was officially closed, and magi returned to their camps/rooms to begin packing.

The AdAstra magi set out for home with Natan and Astrolabe, arriving back on July 25. Mabel paid the rent for the Stone Circle to Gryffydd, and visited her godson, Hywel. Aaazz and Natan, accompanied by Aeddan, Gaspard, and Annie left for Nigrasaxa on August 5th. On August 13, the night of the full moon, Astrolabe casts the ritual spell to release Everard from his curse. Astrolabe leaves the next day. Mabel goes to the Pool Regio on the 13th with Kevin. She collect vis: Ignem, Corpus (Kevin’s shadow is in a box) Imaginem, and Auram. They missed the dream vis at midnight, and the dew the next morning, By the time Mabel returns to the covenant, on September 12, the shadow has disappeared from the box.

Aaazz and Natan meet with Trutina, Focus, and Herrit to discuss plans for investigating the pogrom in Berkshire. Trutina and Focus decide to visit Sheriff Richard fitz Regis, while Aaazz, Natan, and Herrit visit the abandoned ghetto. The story fitz Regis tells is of several murdered children, and the town’s belief that the Jews had something to do with the deaths. He rounded up the community and had them stay in the dungeon to protect them from the rest of the town (and vice-versa) while he investigated, but five days after they were imprisoned, the Jews disappeared from the dungeon. Trutina and Focus investigate the dungeon, and find the keystone above the entrance arch contains Rego vis. Trutina casts a spell to speak with the stones in the floor and finds out that the people walked through the arch, but not onto the floor on the other side. Focus gathers whatever bits of clothing and hair that he can from the dungeon.

Aaazz, Natan, and Herrit find that the ghetto was abandoned quickly, but in an orderly fashion. They discover a house in which the family was sitting Shivah for a dead relative. Herrit attempts to cast The Inexorable Search, and finds that the person belonging to the clothing is not in the southeast of England. Aaazz finds the most recent grave in the Jewish cemetery, but decides not to disturb the holy ground. They also find that the rest of the town believes the Jews to be dead, as they have seen ghosts in the area, and really, what else could have happened to everyone since they are no longer in fitz Regis’ dungeon? Joining back with Trutina and Focus, Aaazz, Natan and Herrit compare notes. Trutina uses the arcane connections to find that the people are apparently now in Cornwall. She and Focus, along with Herrit will travel there to determine how the entire group was transported out of the dungeon. Aaazz and Natan are tasked with finding out what happened with the dead children.

Aaazz and Natan return to the ghetto, hoping to find one of the ghosts the townspeople mentioned. They decide to start with the house of mourning, figuring if the Shivah ceremonies were interrupted, the deceased may not be resting peacefully. Their logic proves true as the temperature in the house suddenly decreases. Aaazz casts Vision of the Haunting Spirit and they find the ghost of a young girl, who wonders where everyone went. Sarah tells them that she is lonely, and when questioned about her death, tells about the other little girl with pretty eyes who had a secret to tell her. Sarah met the girl on the way home one evening, and remembers talking to her and being kissed by her, then waking up to the empty house. The timing of Sarah’s death coincides with the death of one of the other children in town, about a month after the first two. Working backward from the information from Trutina and the description from Sarah, they figure out that the murders took place around the new moon, two children at a time.

Aaazz and Natan, through the use of Aeddan, Gaspard, and Annie, track the deaths of children through several communities, moving generally southward. At the end of September, they find themselves in Odiham where two children were found dead just a few days earlier. After some careful investigating, they determine that the culprit is probably in the beggars’ field of sod houses west of town. About half of the houses show signs of life, but the inhabitants are reluctant to speak with anyone. They decide to go “door to door” beginning with the sod house furthest from town. Aaazz creates a light inside the first apparently unoccupied house only to find a mother and daughter huddled inside. Both are surprised at the intrusion, but the young girl comes forward, her arms outstretched. Aaazz, feeling her parma resist a spell, backs away and casts a spell toward the girl, who is unaffected. As Aaazz backs out of the house, Natan attempts to collapse the doorway onto the girl, but again, the dirt slides past her, widening the space into the house. Aeddan and Gaspard step forward to protect the magi from the advancing girl and her mother. The grogs engage the pair with weapons, and Aaazz casts Hands of the Grasping Earth managing to overcome the girl’s resistance, and holding on to one of her feet. Aeddan slips in the mud, is touched by the girl, and falls unconscious. Gaspard tries desperately to elude her touch, while doing battle with his axe. Aaazz catches the mother in another HotGE, but Natan has trouble penetrating the magic resistance of the pair. Gaspard manages to wound the girl several times, staggering her, and manages to avoid being touched or looking the pair in the eyes. Finally he deals a deadly blow to the girl, and Natan casts a particularly effective Pilum of Fire at the mother, dropping her as well. The group quickly examines the bodies, which are starting to disintegrate in the sun, and find the pair have small fangs which contain Perdo and Corpus vis. The magi and grogs quickly leave the area with the vis, as the bodies decay away.

The group returns home on October 1.

Summer 1208 Tribunal Part 3

As the meeting starts the next day, Julia tells the AdAstra magae that she has convinced Siffed to vote with both of his sigils, but was unable to convince Maximianus. With Siffed and Flavius on their side, the vote to censure AdAstra ends in a tie, so Talion, as Praeco decides to break the tie, obviously against AdAstra. Maximianus stands, and tells him not to bother, as he votes in favor of AdAstra as well. The AdAstra magae sigh with relief as they are saved from any immediate consequences.

Talion callse for any additional business, and when there is none, closes the tribunal. Mabel, as the youngest maga present stands and asks for the reopening, as Stonehenge tradition demands. Iudicium calls for the magi to stand, dispensing with any additional roll call, and Talion opens the second part of the meeting. Focus asks for recompense from the magi who marched his parens, Scintilla, expecting to claim filius rights for the effects of a deceased maga. Iudicium points out that the spoils from a marched wizard go to those who put her down, so a vote is not called, and Focus is defeated. Talion reprimands Focus for not being part of the group that hunted the rogue maga, and spreads his ire over several of the magi present, including the AdAstra magae.

Caitlin asks for help against Horsingas covenant from the Loch Leglean, which has been raiding Burnham’s vis sources. There is much debate over whether or not the Tribunal should get involved at all, but the fact that this is the first quorate Tribunal meeting since 1187, and Stonehenge does not want to appear as weak, the debate seems to lean in favor of action. The day ends with not firm decisions. That sight, AdAstra takes fruit baskets to Siffed and Maximianus. Mabel talks to Astrolabe about casting Wizard’s Communion. He pushes her to tell him what the problem is that they need help with. As her parens, Astrolabe is quite effective at sniffing out Mabel’s secrets, which she ultimately divulges. He volunteers to cast the actual ritual at the next full moon, if Mabel will come and teach Greek at Cambridge for a season.

The next day, after more discussion, it is decided that Talion and Iudicium will draft a letter to Horsingas Covenant demanding and end to the vis raids, and a return of the vis that was stolen. It is further decided that if Horsingas does not comply with the demands, that Stonehenge Tribunal will declare Wizards War on Horsingas. There is more discussion about how the Stonehenge Covenants will support this endeavor, and it is decided that each covenant should supply one magus, eight grogs, or 12 pawns of vis to the War, should that become necessary, with Burnham supplying at least all three. Burnham will supply magi, grogs, and vis. AdAstra will send Epona and vis. Blackthorn and Ungulus pledge vis and grogs. Nigrasaxa will send a magus and vis. Schola Pythagoranis and Voluntas will each send a magus and grogs. Letters will be sent to CadGadu and Semitae regarding their pledges as well.

With the business part of the meeting seeming to wind down, the late afternoon and evening session of the meeting takes on a festive air, with Blackthorn hosting a banquet for the visiting magi. Traditionally, the banquet includes plenty of trading and contracts between individual magi and between covenants, and this event is no exception. Epona announces her need for an apprentice. AdAstra makes the following trades: three pawns Mu for three In vis with Schola Pythagoranis; a copy of Walking with Aesculapius for 2 pawns of Pe vis with Siffed of Nigrasaxa (partly in gratitude for his support in the vote); 2 pawns Me vis to Natan for 2 pawns Te vis; copies of the spells Vision of the Haunted Spirit, Lay to Rest the Haunted Spirit, and Ring of Warding against Spirits to Siffed for a Penetration Summa, The Sharper Stick (level 3, quality 8) and three pawns of Vi vis. Kirist is looking for an apprentice. Aaazz is looking for an apprentice. Tang trades with Burnham a pawn of Cr vis for a sapphire.

Summer 1208 Tribunal Part 2

The next morning, Herrit ex Tytalus from Nigrasaxa brings up a pogrom in Berkshire, eaither carried out or condoned by Sheriff Richard fitz Regis. Herrit claims that this action against the Jews by mundanes has limited his capacity for magic, as several of Nigrasaxa’s servants and grogs were Jews from that area. Tang asks if the order did anything in 1190 for the Jews in Lincoln. Fredigisa Quaesitor researches the precedent, finding that there had been some sort of magical interference at Lincoln, but it was unclear whether magic was the cause, either direct or indirect, or the end of the massacre. Rumors about the event seem to crop up most often about the Jews being blamed for some magical activity, which brought on the pogrom. There is some debate about whether the tribunal should expend resources on the events at Berksire. Natan speaks out loudly in favor of intervention, others seem to imply that Herrit himself may have had something to do with this. Natan proposes an investigation of the events at Berkshire, which passes after more debate. Trutina, Focus, Aaazz, and Natan volunteer to investigate. After more debate it is decided that they will meet five days after the next full moon at Nigrasaxa, and be paid three pawns of vis for their work.

After lunch, Flavius brings up the interdict and how to take advantage of the weaker dominion. There is some debate about what could be done, whether this is even a topic to discuss at this point in the tribunal, and who in Tribunal might be responsible for John’s barring of Stephen Langton from England in the first place. Rumors and accusations begin to fly, with Julia ex Jerbiton of Voluntas becoming quite agitated when it is suggestes that she might have had something to do with this. Talion becomes irritated with the debate, states, possibly too emphatically, that the Order had nothing to do with the interdict, and declares the discussion over until later in the tribunal during business among the Order.

Herrit appears to get a signal from Golias ex Tytalus of Blackthorn, and accuses AdAstra of interfering with the mundanes. He stated that they, in direct violation of the Code, are acting as Court Wizards to Morien, defending him against his enemies, to the point of intimidating and injuring mundane soldiers in a political skirmish. He further states that emissaries from Llewellyn and John have approached Nigrasaxa and Blackthorne requesting aid from those covenants, in a manner similar to the aid AdAstra provided for Rydderch. The accusations enrage the AdAstra magae, who defend themselves vigorously. Tangwystl appears to insult the investigation that Trutina ex Guernicus carried out, and Iudicium chastises her for it. The Burnham magi appear to support their sodalis, against AdAstra, along with the Blackthorne magi. The accused’s only allies seem to be the magi from Schola Pythagoranis and Voluntas. Talion is unable to call for a vote, and as the hour gets late, he calls a recess until the morning, at which time he will demand a vote. That evening, Julia lays out some scenarios for the AdAstra magae. She thinks she can convince Siffed ex Criamon to vote in favor of AdAstra, but Maximianus is likely to abstain, as he has in every vote up to this point. She figures this is a trumped up charge from Blackthorne, aimed at weakening the Schola Pythagoranis/Voluntas voting block, as AdAstra seems to support them. She is wary of what Flavius ex Misc from Ungulus will do, as he remained quiet during the debate, and may have motives on both sides. If AdAstra loses, the magae would be welcome to join Ungulus, rekindling life in that winter covenant. If AdAstra wins with Flavius’ vote, he may expect some favors in the future from the magae. Julia suggests that AdAstra talk to Flavius tonight. Mabel and Tang decide to go, taking honey cakes and fruit, and are admitted to the older magus’ ostentatious tent in the cave area. Flavius is overly gracious to the magae, and discusses the possibilities of an agreement with them. Mabel becomes tongue-tied during the negotiations, and although they secure Flavius’ vote, they agree to host Flavius as a guest at AdAstra, and to have one of them spend the Winter at Ungulus as Flavius’ lab assistant. Tang decides she will take on this task as service to the covenant, and tries hide the fact that her skin is crawling with disgust.

Summer 1208, Tribunal Part 1

The magae and their entourage arrived at Blackthorn on July 12th, three days ahead of the beginning of the Tribunal. Two sets of tents were already set up in the Welcome Field, with others in the entrance cave of Blackthorn Covenant. The magae noticed Malvinius walking about, very obviously not greeting their group, possibly still upset at his certamen loss to Epona several years ago. The other tents in the Field belonged to the Voluntas Delegation (Julia ex Jerbiton and Kirist ex Flambeau) and Astrolabe ex Jerbiton from Schola Pythagoranis. The three redcaps (Joanna, Perceval, and William) were also in the area, and the magae were introduced to Joanna’s apprentice, Great William. The magae went into the entrance cave to register while the grogs set up the tents.

In the cave, they found the tents of the Burnham delegation (Caitlin Ex Misc and Focus ex Flambeau), and the quaesitors Fredigisa, from Schola Pythagoranis, and Trutina, from Burnham, to whom the gave their names and affiliation and from whom they received Aegis keys, bronze discs with the symbol of Blackthorn Covenant. Afterward, Tangwystl used spells to enlarge and decorate their tents. The tent for the magae became navy blue with constellations mimicking the night sky, and the grogs’ tents also darkened to navy blue, but had the image of crossed swords and a border of stars.

Over the next three days, other magi arrived:
Natan ex Tremere, who met the magae at the Certamen Contest. He set up his tent near the AdAstra tents.
Corvus ex Bjornaer from Voluntas arrived, flying in crow form, and as usual, walked naked up to register with the quaesitors, until someone mentioned that he should be wearing robes. He did not take a tent with the rest of the Voluntas magi, but decided to roost in the surrounding trees.
The Nigrasaxa representatives, Maximianus ex Bonisagus, Herrit ex Tytalus, and Siffed ex Criamon set up tents in the entrance cavern.
Flavius Ex Miscellanea from Ungulus attempted to ingratiate himself with Natan and the AdAstra magae, but took up rooms in the covenant proper along with the quaesitors and redcaps.
Two factors for Verditius magi from other tribunals also set up tents in the Welcome Field, but did little business. Aaazz did look at some of the items.
List of all magi at the Tribunal

The magae approached Julia about the possibility of her helping with a Wizards’ Communion spell after the Tribunal. They also found out that Astrolabe knows a high enough version of the spell to help with curing Everard of his lycanthropy. On the night of the full moon, as the other magi enter the covenant for the opening ceremony, Epona, Aaazz, and Tang remain behind to protect Everard during his transformation. Epona casts the circular ward against wolves inside the smaller grog tent, with Everard inside. Aaazz cast a perdo imaginem to make the tent silent, and Tang cast spells to seal the tent flap and make the tent stronger. When they finally arrive in the Tribunal Hall, they find the Blackthorn contingent (Goliard with her apprentice Prelum, Golias, Malvinius, and Fornax) sitting together at a table, staring at them. No table is available for the AdAstra magae to sit together; Epona sits with the Voluntas contingent, Aaazz with Nigrasaxa, Tang with Natan and Flavius, and Mable with Astrolabe and the Burnham magi. The three redcaps sat at a table near the front of the hall. Talion ex Flambeau, the praeco from Blackthorn and Iudicium ex Guernicus, the ranking quaesitor also from Blackthorn occupy places on a dias with the other quaesitors and a table filled with scrolls.

Talion opened the Tribunal, and one by one, the magi in the hall introduced themselves, while Iudicium checked their credentials. Maximianus slept through most of the proceedings. It was at this point that the magae found out that Goliard still possessed Fornax’ sigil, and Herrit and Siffed each held a proxy sigil from Nigrasaxa. Just before Talion was about to close the ceremony and recess the Tribunal until the morning, Julia moved that Maximianus be named Praeco as he is the eldest of the magi. The quaesitors conferred, and Iudicium recessed the Tribunal until the morning. That night there was plenty of politicking going on among the tents. Tang congratulated Julia on a well-played move, and Goliard came to make sure the AdAstra magae were comfortable and well treated at Blackthorn covenant.

The next morning, Iudicium reconvened the Tribunal and announced that since Talion and Maximianus were gauntleted in the same year, the matter would be put to a vote. Most of the magi kept the same seats as the previous night, but Aaazz moved to sit with Mabel, Epona and Tang moved to sit with Natan and Flavius. When the vote for Praeco finally came up, after some speechifying from Iudicium, standing for Maximianus (who quickly whispered to the other Nigrasaxa magi), were the Voluntas magi, Herrit and Siffed with only their own sigils, William who was voting for Fredigisa, Astrolabe, and the AdAstra magi. With only 11 of 24 votes going for Maximianus, Talion was retained as Praeco. Talion immediately called a recess during which he expected the magi to present items to him for consideration, specifically about the relationship between the Order and the outside community in the tribunal.

When the Tribunal resumed, Talion recognized Astrolabe who identified a problem with the amount of silver the magi were magically creating producing inflation in the mundane economy. There was much debate, and Mabel and Tangwysl both spoke in favor of limiting the amount of silver that a covenant could create. The debate was dominated by Blackthorn, Voluntas, and Burnham who were all against limits, and Astrolabe and the young magi of the tribunal who favored limits. After another recess, during which there was much bargaining, Astrolabe proposed a limit of two pounds of silver per covenant member, gifted or mundane, per year. The measure passed with the AdAstra magae and a few others dissenting.

Talion called an end to the first day’s work.

Summer 1208

On June 29, Aaazz and a small entourage visit the Shrewsbury fair. Aaazz enjoys the diminished Dominion Aura. The Stonehenge Tribunal Meeting of 1208 will commence on July 15 at the rise of the full moon. Aaaaa, Epona, Mabel, and Tang set out for the Tribunal Meeting on July 7. They bring Gaspard, Sinead, Kevin, Cadan, Everard, Aeddan, Annie, and Cecilia. They also bring along the spells, books, and vis they have to trade. They intend to try to cure Everard’s Lycanthropy there.


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