Aaazz Activities

Spring:Read On the Interactions of Techniques and Forms in the Hermetic Arts MT Summa L14Q12
Summer: Extracting vis

Spring: reading In summa Reality Behind the Void
Summer: Extracting vis (2 pawns)
Autumn: reading LQ The Mind Behind the Hide An T5Q12
Winter: Read On the Manipulations of Pools and Streams Aq Summa L12Q6

Spring: Copying spells for trade at the Tribunal meeting
Summer: Attending the Tribunal Meeting
Autumn: Return from pogrom investigation, collect vis, visit the regio, clean the Lab
Winter: Babysits Cymbaline ex Merinita in the regio

Spring: study 2 pawns of Vi vis
Summer: Read Conversations with the Dying Perdo Libri, level 5, quality 12
Autumn: Extracting vis
Winter: Study 2 pawns of An vis

Spring: read Imaginem Summa The Sounds of Colors Tasted
Summer: copy Reality Behind the Void
Autumn: study 2 pawns of Aq vis
Winter: extracting vis for personal use

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Aaazz Activities

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