Epona Activities

Spring: Opening Trefor’s Arts
Summer: Teaching Trefor Latin

Spring: extracting vis (2 pawns)
Summer: Opening for enchantment w/8 pawns Vi: Shepherd’s Crook
Autumn: Investing the Shepherd’s Crook with a spell to keep the sheep healthy. (CrAn20, 24 uses per day, R:touch D:moon T:individual) Accumulates 7 points.
Winter: Accumulates another 7 points to invest the Shepherd’s Crook.

Spring: Working on translating one of Corinthius’ lab texts (did not work)
Summer: Attending the Tribunal Meeting
Autumn: Travels to Horsingas and back for the Wizards War
Winter: Reads the Penetration libri Piercing Defenses

Spring: harvesting vis from the regio, cleaning out Corinthius’ lab
Summer: Read The Light of Embers Ignem Summa, level 8, quality 10
Autumn: Study The Mind Behind the Hide Animal Libri level 5, quality 12
Winter: Learning Veil of Invisibility

Spring: study 3 pawns Te vis
Summer: extract vis
Autumn: read He summa Delving the Roots
Winter: study 3 pawns Au vis

Epona ex Bjornaer
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Epona Activities

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