Mabel Activities

Spring: Read The Mind Behind the Hide LQ An T5Q12
Summer: Clean out and pack up Corinthius’ Lab

Spring: travels to Schola Pythagoranis to teach Greek
Summer: read Im Summa The Sounds of Colors Tasted (L8Q7)
Autumn: Making a healing potion (CrCo20, with 4 pawns of vis for Inst, gets one dose)
Winter: Read Delving the Roots He Summa L6Q8

Spring: Reading Birth of Mastery Rego Summa level 7, quality 6
Summer: Attending the Tribunal Meeting
Autumn: Reading Intellego Summa Reality Behind the Void
Winter: Create potion for Veil of Invisibility

Spring: study Cr libri Beginnings
Summer: Learn Wizards Communion level 15
Autumn: Study 3 pawns of Mu vis
Winter: Reading Conversations with the Dying, Perdo LQ, T5 Q12

Spring: translates Corinthius’ spell Night’s Deep Sleep
Summer: read magic theory summa Forms and Effects
Autumn: research longevity potion
Winter: make longevity potion

Mabel ex Jerbiton
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Mabel Activities

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