Phillipe Activities

Spring: study 3 pawns Creo vis
Summer: Write MT summa L4Q10 Elements of Magic

Spring: returning from Durenmar
Summer: read Pe Summa On the Substance of Nothingness (L12Q8)
Autumn: Studies LQ Walking with Aesculapius Co T5Q12
Winter: Read The Mind Behind the Hide LQ An T5Q12

Spring: Working in the scriptorium of Durenmar
Summer: Copying an Aquam Summa On the Manipulation of Pools and Streams (level 12, quality 6) by Flumen ex Misc (at Durenmar)
Autumn: (at Durenmar) Copying the Perdo Summa On the Substance of Nothingness (level 12, quality 8) by Eversius ex Flambeau
Winter: (at Durenmar) Studying the Magic Theory Summa he copied earlier

Spring: clean out Corinthius’ lab; travel to Durenmar
Summer: Working in Durenmar scriptorium, increases Scribe Latin by 3 xp
Autumn: (at Durenmar) Copying the Rego Summa Subtle Manipulations (level 11, quality 8) by Murion ex Bonisagus.
Winter: (at Durenmar) Copying On the Interactions of Techniques and Forms in the Hermetic Arts by Trianoma ex Bonisagus Magic Theory Summa (Level 14, Quality 12)

Spring: study In Summa The Reality Behind the Void
Summer: extract vis
Autumn: study Me summa Deep Examination of Innermost Thoughts
Winter: study Me summa Deep Examination of Innermost Thoughts

Spring: work on necklace
Summer: work on necklace
Autumn: work on necklace
Winter: study 3 pawns of Mu vis

Spring: extract vis
Summer: study Im summa Sounds of Colors Tasted
Autumn: learn wards spell
Winter: study 3 pawns ?? vis

Phillipe ex Bonisagus
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Phillipe Activities

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