Phillipe Spellbook

Gift of the Floating Wood ReAq15
R: Near/Sight; D: Sun; T: Ind
ArM page 116

Lungs of the Fish ReAq10
R: Personal; D: Sun/Year; T: Ind
ArM page 114

Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu15
R: Near; D: Conc; T: Spec
ArM page 118

Broom of the Winds ReAu15
R: Near/Far; D: Mom; T: Ind
ArM page 121

Ward Against Birds of the Air ReAu(An)25
R: Pers; D: Ring; T: Circle

Tangle of Wood and Thorns ReHe(Mu)15
R: Near/Far; D: Conc; T: Ind
ArM page 133

Lamp Without Flame CrIg10
R: Touch; D: Conc; T: Ring
ArM page 135

Wizard’s Sidestep ReIm10
R: Pers/Touch; D: Sun; T: Ind
ArM page 143

Rock of Viscid Clay MuTe15
R: Reach/Near; D: Sun/Inst; T: Spec
ArM page 152

Wielding the Invisible Sling ReTe10
R: Far; D: Mom; T: Small
Targeted +2
ArM page 153

Circular Ward Against Demons ReVi25
R: Pers; D: Ring; T: Circle
ArM page 160

Phillipe Spellbook

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